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A panel discussion with Professor Paul Moss and members of the blood cancer community.

The next in our series of Virtual Conversations is with Professor Moss whose work is focussed on graft-versus-host disease.

Stem cell transplants are valuable treatments for people with blood cancer, providing an entirely new, healthy blood system from a donor that can kill off the cancerous blood cancer cells. But sometimes the donor cells can also start attacking healthy tissues. This is called graft-versus-host disease (GvHD), which can be life-threatening.

Professor Moss and his team are investigating what donor blood cells do two weeks after they have been transplanted. They are looking for the immune cells that can kill blood cancer cells and want to find a way to use these if the initial stem cell transplant doesn’t work. The team also plan to develop a ‘risk score’ that will predict the likelihood of GvHD developing following stem cell transplants, which will help medical professionals decide the best course of treatment for each person.

Join us on Thursday 22 October to hear more from Professor Moss and the Blood Cancer UK team.  Please come ready with your questions and have the opportunity to pose them directly to the team.