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Help Glasgow & District Branch celebrate its 50th birthday by joining us in our Annual Walk to Beat Blood Cancer.

The Glasgow and District Branch had hoped to hold its 12th "Walk to Beat Blood Cancer" on Sunday 5 September this year. The walk is our main fundraiser and to date has raised in excess of £95,500. We are so disappointed that in the year of our 50th birthday we cannot all get together.

The safety of all our supporters and volunteers is our number one priority. But that does not mean that we cannot all still walk to beat blood cancer!

Why not join in by creating your own event, and perhaps once more linking up, even virtually, with friends and family?

How does it work?

You decide the location and the route - 5km/10km or however far you can walk. Or you may decide to walk in your garden, or even in your home. In short, set a target that best suits you.

Suggested date/time: 5 September at 11:30am. However, feel free to choose another time or date if that suits you and your household, or your (virtual) companions better.

Raise £50 and you'll receive a Blood Cancer UK t-shirt for free!

If you can, try to get your friends and family to sponsor you. Everyone who raises £50 or more by 29 August will receive a Blood Cancer UK t-shirt.

Set up a sponsorship page or donate online

For the avoidance of doubt, we are not asking you to do anything that is contrary to government directions or the guidelines that Blood Cancer UK has given us. Our proposal assumes that in September we will still be required to exercise caution and to maintain social distancing in some capacity.

Find out more about Scottish Government advice on distancing.

Above all, wish Glasgow Branch a happy 50th birthday by joining our community in beating blood cancer! Remember - we can't do it without you!