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Take on the challenge of walking 10,000 steps a day in July, 310,000 in total, and support Blood Cancer UK.

How do I get involved?

  • Head to our Facebook group to sign up
  • Once part of the Facebook group, visit the pinned post and click the link to set up your Facebook Fundraiser
  • Keep glued to the group throughout the month for support and encouragement from our amazing community
  • If you prefer JustGiving to Facebook Fundraisers, you can set up a JustGiving page

How do I track my distance?

You can use an app or a fitness watch to keep a tally, or most phones have a built-in pedometer.

How much do I have to raise?

There’s no minimum amount, however if you raise over £50 we will send you a Blood Cancer UK top to walk in. Raise over £100 and you will receive a medal! Complete this form once you've raised £50 to let us know your contact details to receive your top.

Can I fundraise in other ways rather than Facebook?

Of course. You can set up a JustGiving page or send us your donations another way.

Any other questions?

Get in touch on [email protected] or 0808 169 5155, or you may find the answer on our Facebook group!