The coronavirus means the blood cancer community is facing its most difficult moment.

People with blood cancer are among those at greatest risk, and so everyone with blood cancer is unable to leave their home for 12 weeks to protect themselves.

We’ve already seen a huge increase in calls to our support line, and expect that to continue with the rising toll on our community’s physical and mental health. They need us now more than ever.


Unfortunately, at the time our work is needed most, the fundraising events we rely on have been cancelled and the coronavirus’s effect on the economy will make all types of fundraising much more difficult. We are now expecting a large drop in income, limiting the amount of good we are able to do. This means less people who need us getting our support and us investing in less lifesaving research.

But this is not inevitable.

If our community has proved anything over the last 60 years, it’s the extraordinary power of ordinary people to come together to defy apparently impossible odds. We need that extraordinary power now. If you can contribute, your gift will help us support people affected by blood cancer at a time when they need that support the most.