Now I’m fighting to keep Emily's light alive. But I need your help

You would’ve loved my daughter, Emily. Everybody always did. She was an unusual and beautiful child – a bubbly, vibrant, butterfly and rainbow-loving little girl, who danced to her own tune, and always thought of others before herself. She was also the bravest girl you could ever wish to meet.

Emily fought until the end

Emily was diagnosed with blood cancer when she was just five years old. And even though she lost her battle, she kept on smiling, and kept on fighting, right up to the end.

We lost her on 26 February 2018. She was seven years old.

She caught a cold in hospital and her poor immune system couldn’t cope. We kept telling ourselves she’d get better – it was just such a shock. I’m not sure I could ever find the words to describe the hole she’s left in our lives.

If you’re a parent, or your life’s been touched by cancer, perhaps you’ll understand.

And I’m sure you can imagine how we felt watching our little girl face her gruelling treatment. From day one, we were appalled by the armoury of drugs used to treat her, and by the toll it took on her little body.

Breaking new ground in blood cancer research

Blood Cancer UK-funded researchers are searching day and night to find kinder treatments that could give children like my daughter a chance to live – and they need your help.

For nearly six decades now Blood Cancer UK has been behind some of the biggest cancer research breakthroughs – from chemotherapy and stem cell therapy, to drug treatments that target the cancer, rather than poisoning the whole body.

In that time, their research has helped transform survival rates for children diagnosed with blood cancer.

Back in 1960, only 1 child in 10 survived the most common type of childhood blood cancer. Now 8 out of 10 do.

By donating today, you could help finish the job – and make sure every child diagnosed with blood cancer survives. It might sound like a big ambition, but with your support, it really could happen. Your support could also help Blood Cancer UK discover kinder treatments for children living with blood cancer now.

Please make a regular donation today to help Blood Cancer UK find treatment to give a child like our daughter the chance to live.

If you prefer, you can make a one-off donation.

Thank you so much,

Anthony Brown

  • £5 could pay for support for families affected by a blood cancer diagnosis
  • £12 could help fund researcher searching for new ways to beat blood cancer
  • £20 could help fund research into kinder blood cancer treatments