Since 1960, we've invested over £500 million in blood cancer research, transforming treatments and saving lives.

Right now, our community is funding 360 researchers and staff across the UK who are searching for the next breakthrough. The day we will beat blood cancer is now in sight and our researchers are determined to finish the job. But they can only do it with your help. Your donation will help us to beat blood cancer sooner.

£5 could pay for a special pipette used for the sterile handling of cells in the lab, helping researchers to study blood cancer and how it begins. This allows researchers to develop game changing drugs for people with blood cancer, helping them live longer and with fewer side effects from treatment.

£11 could allow researchers to sequencing the RNA of one white blood cell, a technique which shows them which genes are active in a cell at a given time. This could help researchers understand the changes in genes which might be responsible for driving the cancer. Ultimately, this could help them to identify ways to stop this from happening.

£30 could allow researchers to use a 'cell sorter' for 1 hour, which sorts cells based on their size and shape. This separates the cells for testing and helps scientists work out the best way to target them with drugs. This could help develop new treatments for people with blood cancer.

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The star of our latest appeal film, Dr Farhat Khanim is working alongside Professor Chris Bunce at the University of Birmingham. Some people with blood cancer can develop severe and sometimes life-threatening infections. The team are investigating whether these infections make the cancer worse, and whether we can stop this from happening.