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Learning resources for healthcare professionals

How to keep your knowledge updated throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus e-learning programme from Health Education England

This coronavirus e-learning programme is available for all healthcare professionals (including those returning to the workforce) and brings together content from the NHS and WHO.

For nurses new to haematology

Our online course Introduction to haemato-oncology nursing provides support in building your knowledge of basic haemato-oncological principles, as well as providing holistic care to patients within hospital and beyond.

This course can also be taken by other healthcare professionals who wish to build on their haemato-oncology knowledge.

Online nursing course

Our free accredited training course supports you in caring for people with blood cancer.

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Find out about our educational programme

Our Nurses Network is a nurse-led group which supports nurses working in haemato-oncology to improve blood cancer patient care. Joining our network gives you an opportunity to learn from each other and share best practice to improve care for blood cancer patients.

Join our Nurses Network

Join our Network if you're a nurse working in haemato-oncology and would like to receive regular updates from us.

The Blood Cancer UK Nurses Network

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