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Blood cancer and coronavirus stories

Hear how other people living with blood cancer are coping with the impact of coronavirus.

How do you feel about lockdown easing?

Having people to stay, going to the pub, restaurants, the cinema – it’s legal for most of the country to enjoy these things again.

Working when you’re clinically extremely vulnerable – Part 2

We talk to people with blood cancer about the effect of coronavirus on their working lives, and find out their concerns and hopes in the face of shielding ending.

Vij’s story – my personal experience and take on covid vaccines and the Asian community

Vij, living with polycythaemia vera (PV), talks about his mixed feelings about the covid vaccines and where he sees potential challenges for the Asian community.

What was it like to have the coronavirus vaccine?

Hear from people in our community who've already taken the vaccine on what it was like for them.

Working when you’re clinically extremely vulnerable – your stories

We spoke to people with blood cancer about how coronavirus affected their working lives in 2020. Here are their stories.

Virtual appointments and how to make the most of them

Get top tips for successful virtual appointments and support if you’re missing face-to-face contact with your healthcare team.

“Please have a test Dad, this could be coronavirus.”

Carla’s dad, aged 77 and living with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL), caught coronavirus in October, but thankfully is recovering well.

What's the one thing that got you through lockdown?

Our blood cancer community have come together to give you some advice on how you can cope with your physical and emotional health during this second lockdown.

Blood cancer, coronavirus and starting my career

Nabeela tells her story about starting her career after Hodgkin lymphoma, in the middle of a pandemic.

University after shielding – a student’s view

Read Jamie's thoughts about going back to university after shielding, and his advice for new students.

My healthcare team and me – Managing through coronavirus

Read Mel's story of how his blood cancer treatment has changed during coronavirus.

Coping with uncertainty and vulnerability

Jade is one year in remission from Hodgkin lymphoma.

My mental health and coping strategies for shielding

Paul shares how lockdown affects his mental health and how he's managing without his usual coping mechanisms.

Reliving the isolation I went through with leukaemia – and what I’ve learned from experience

Jamie was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) aged 17.

Leukaemia won’t stop me from getting fit – neither will COVID-19

Hear how Jane has found new ways to exercise while living with leukaemia - and during the coronavirus lockdown.

Using our blood cancer experience to help us through shielding

Seven people affected by blood cancer share things that are helping them cope during the coronavirus pandemic.

Shielding as a family

Read Melody's story of shielding as a family during coronavirus, due to her son's childhood leukaemia.

Stay strong. Stay well. We’re all in this together.

Read Mark's advice about isolation, having been through hospital isolation for a stem cell transplant.

Stories from people with blood cancer talking about their different experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic.