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Becoming Blood Cancer UK

The most obvious change we’ve seen over the last year is our name.

During 2019/20 we consulted our community on how we could improve our communications to reach more of the people affected by blood cancer who need our support.

Our community told us that our name, Bloodwise, was holding us back. They said that not having a descriptive name was a barrier to people accessing our support and contributing to our fundraising. They thought we would do better with a clearer name.

This was a difficult decision, given that we had only changed our name to Bloodwise in 2015. But we consulted our community right through the process of deciding to change our name and there was widespread community support as we chose a new name and developed a new visual identify. In March 2020, we changed our operating name to Blood Cancer UK.

The cost of the name change was met by a group of donors who gave specifically to this project because they thought improving our communications was the single most important thing we could do to have more impact.

It is still early days, but the reception to our new name and visual identify has been very positive, and awareness of us among people affected by blood cancer is already higher than it was under our old name.

Our values

As well as a new name, we also launched our brand values, building on the values that have driven our charity over the last 60 years.

Striving for results

We are determined, focused on a clear vision. We are motivated, practical and passionate to do all we can to make the lives of those affected by blood cancer better and to ultimately find a cure for blood cancers.

United as a family

We are one caring family. We work together to raise funds and awareness, to inform and look after people affected by blood cancer. We value each other’s contribution. We work as one.

Standing in other’s shoes

We have empathy, we listen, we see things from the perspective of others. We take ownership to address issues and solve problems. We do all we can to help and support others.

Making knowledge count

We are experts in our field. We share our knowledge and use our expertise to help get the best outcomes for those affected by blood cancer. We build understanding.