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Guide to using Grant Tracker to submit an application

A how-to guide to using Grant Tracker.

Open funding calls

Our open funding calls can be found on our website – funding schemes are available on Grant Tracker when the round is open and we are accepting new applications.

Everyone involved in the application will need a Grant Tracker account, including applicants, co-applicants, department heads and research office signatories.

New users

  1. To set up your account, go to https://grants.bloodcancer.org.uk/Login.aspx and select 'Register.'
  2. Enter your email address and then follow the instructions for adding further address details. Please ensure this is as complete as possible.
  3. You'll receive an automated email confirming that your information is being forwarded to our administrators for approval.
  4. Once approval has been given, you'll receive another email containing a unique password and a link to lead you back to the grant tracker pages.
  5. On entering your email address and allocated password please do so directly and don't cut and paste this information. Remember the password is case sensitive.
  6. Once you've accessed the system, you can change your details and choose a new password.

Registered users

Log in with your email and password. Your account will enable you to:

  • Update your personal details;
  • Manage your grant;
  • Start a new application;
  • Edit an existing application.

On the site

Your personal details

This is unique to you and will be retained by the system. Once you've entered your CV details via the 'Manage my details' section (not necessary for research office signatories) it will be retained for use in all future applications. You can update the information at any time so that all your applications will have the latest details.

The application

By following the application link you'll see what application types are available to you. Each application type has information and guidelines attached. You'll see a personal home page developing that tracks applications or co-applications you're involved with and also those you've submitted in the past. You'll be able to see (but not edit) the applications after they've been submitted.

Submission process

There are pre-conditions for some of our grants. Please make sure you fulfil them before making an application on our grant tracker. Read about these conditions and all of our funding opportunities.


One of the problems applicants encounter is the inability to move through the submission process. This can occur for two reasons:

  1. The application has been locked by a user. This means that the previous user has not exited the application via the buttons on the left hand side menu: 'save', 'close' and 'logout'. If you think this has happened, go into the application and click ‘edit’. You'll then get a prompt to log off the locking user. You should then 'save' and 'close'. The application will now be unlocked and can move forward.
  2. Signatories are unfamiliar with the system. When a co-applicant, fellow, research office manager or department head are linked they'll receive notification by email.

There are then two steps:

  • Agreement to participate in the application;
  • Approval of the application as it approaches submission.

If either of these steps aren't carried out, then the application won't move forward. The ‘co-applicant’ is particularly important here as they need to ‘participate’ and ‘approve’ before the main applicant can validate and submit.

The head of department and research office signatory need to ‘participate’ prior to the applicant submitting and will approve after the main applicant finally presses the ‘submit’ button.

To check for this, go to your applications, click on the relevant application and then check on the left hand side for ‘sign off status’. This will tell you who has confirmed participation and who has and hasn't approved it.

‘Validate’: This will highlight any incomplete or incorrect sections in the application. The application will not be able to be submitted until all sections are complete.

‘Submit’: When the applicant has submitted the application it goes to the Head of Department for final approval and then to the Head of Research Office for final approval. Following this it will be automatically received by our Research Office.

Acknowledgement of receipt will be sent by email.

Need further guidance?

If you need any further support navigating Grant Tracker, the Research team is on hand to help.