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Healthcare professionals

We're passionate about working closely with healthcare professionals to help ensure people affected by blood cancer get the best treatment and care.

A publication cover titled "Your blood cancer diagnosis: What happens now?", with an image of hands being held supportively in close up.

New booklet for people diagnosed with blood cancer

A booklet for people newly diagnosed with blood cancer. This short booklet tells you the key things to know, how you can help yourself, and includes tips and stories from other people living with blood cancer.

Professional development and online nursing course

Discover our free online course and events to help you deliver the best possible care to patients affected by blood cancer.

The Blood Cancer UK Healthcare Professional Network

Find out more about our clinical communities and join our networks to keep updated on our latest news.

Advanced care planning

Advice and resources to help you with advance care planning with patients.

Coronavirus resources for healthcare professionals

Latest guidance to support you in caring for yourself and your patients.

Order or download our free blood cancer information

Information for your patients about specific types of blood cancer, symptoms, treatments and side effects.

Clinical Trials

Finding a clinical trial. We'll guide you through the process whether you're a patient, carer or healthcare professional.

Support our campaigns

We campaign for changes to improve care and treatment for people with blood cancer, and help stop blood cancer happening in the first place.

Our impact

Over 60 years, we've invested more than £500 million in blood cancer research which has led to a long line of breakthroughs improving treatments and saving lives.

Survey to provide emotional support to patients

With your feedback we can influence how people with blood cancer get more psychological help.

Online information for patients who've recently been diagnosed

If you see patients at the point of diagnosis or just after, take a look at our key information for this patient group, and pass it on.