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Our £500 million investment into research since 1960 has helped transform treatments and taken us to the point where beating blood cancer is now in sight. Our researchers are working to finish the job.


Research blogs

Learn more about our blood cancer research and for regular updates on what we know about the effectiveness of covid vaccines for people with blood cancer.

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The coronavirus vaccine: what you need to know

We explain what we know about the potential vaccines and what they could mean for people with blood cancer.

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Why we fund Research

We want to ensure the 40,000 people diagnosed with blood cancer in the UK each year are given effective treatments. Find out more about how research discoveries can change the lives of people with blood cancer.

Our research impact

Over the last 60 years we have invested an incredible £500 million into blood cancer research. This has led to a long line of breakthroughs that have improved treatments and saved lives.

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The projects you help us fund

Right now, we’re funding leading blood cancer researchers across the UK and we’ll keep going until the day where we can beat all blood cancers.

The Blood Cancer UK Childhood Leukaemia CellBank

The award-winning Blood Cancer UK Childhood Leukaemia CellBank is a cutting-edge facility which collects, stores, and processes samples from children who have been given a diagnosis of leukaemia.

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Funding for researchers

Our blood cancer research grants include long and short term projects, career development awards and basic research through to phase III clinical trials.

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Our policy on open access

We believe that free access to and unrestricted re-use of published research is the best way to share and build upon new knowledge and ideas.

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Our Research Strategy Patient Panel

Our Research Strategy Patient Panel are currently playing a vital role in helping us to set our research priorities, so that we can continue to have the biggest impact possible.


The Blood Cancer UK Vaccine Task Force

Understanding the response to COVID-19 vaccination

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Research strategy

We're a community dedicated to beating blood cancer. We do this by funding research and supporting those affected.