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Manage your grant

Information and policies relating to your Blood Cancer UK grant.

Starting your grant

Grants must be started within three months from the date on your award letter.

It is important that you tell us when you will start the grant to ensure the reporting and finance schedules are updated. Any delay to the start date must be agreed by Blood Cancer UK in writing.


Invoices should be submitted quarterly in arrears to reclaim expenditure. Expenditure must be claimed within twelve months of it being incurred.

Allocations for salary and/or running expenses may be vired to other salary and/or running expenses subject to written approval. Please contact the Research team with a full justification for consideration.

No-cost extensions

If you encounter problems with your grant that may result in a delay, contact the Research team at least one month before the end date of your grant to discuss a time-only extension. No-cost extensions will only be permitted if fully justified and there are sufficient unspent funds remaining on the grant. Please read our full guidance on no-cost extensions.

Grant suspensions and parental leave

Please contact the Research team if you wish to suspend the grant, for example due to parental leave.

Blood Cancer UK is not the employer of staff on the grant. The institute where the grant is administered or staff post held is the employer and as such is responsible for any leave and pay during this time.

Progress reporting

As stated in the terms and conditions of your grant, we require timely reports on the progress and impact of your work. Reports may be reviewed by the funding or advisory committee that awarded the grant and we sometimes ask for additional information or further reports.

We will inform you when a report is due and provide a template to use. A final progress report will be requested within three months of completion of the grant and before payment of the final grant claim.

Please keep us updated of other delays to you project i.e. staff changes, parental leave etc. so that your reporting schedule can be updated.


Travel for conferences to present research outputs arising directly from the Blood Cancer UK award is an allowable cost for the staff member(s) employed on the grant. Costs can include standard fare travel, accommodation and conference fees. Blood Cancer UK Grantholders are expected to acknowledge Blood Cancer UK in all presentations and/or posters. The maximum allowance for travel to conferences is up to £2,250 per eligible post over a three-year project grant.

Publicising your research

As per the grant terms and conditions, all researchers must acknowledge Blood Cancer UK as a funder on posters and presentation. High resolution logos must be used and can be obtained by contacting the Research team.

If you are planning on submitting a paper for publication, please get in touch as soon as possible before publication. We are keen to support you with dissemination to help you reach a wider audience with your research findings. This can include promoting your research in the local or national media or sharing your findings with people affected by blood cancer.

Open access

All original research published as an article in a peer-reviewed journal and that is supported in whole or in part by the grant is subject to our policy on open access.

Animal research

Find out more about our policy on animal research.

Further support

If you have any further queries about your grant or grant related processes, the Research team is here to help.

Please make sure to read the terms and conditions regarding all Blood Cancer UK grants in full.