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How re-purposing drugs could revolutionise blood cancer treatment

Find out how re-purposing drugs could help us bring new treatments to people with blood cancer, faster.

26th Oct 2021

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Children and young people with leukaemia and lymphoma: big increases to survival rates

25th Oct 2021

Childhood blood cancer survival rates see big improvement

Improvements to blood cancer treatments mean an extra one in 10 children and young people now survives leukaemia and lymphoma compared to 20 years ago, according to a new analysis by our charity.

25th Oct 2021

Analysis finds 1 in 20 Covid intensive care patients are immunocompromised

Immunocompromised people now account for 1 in 20 Covid patients being admitted to intensive care, according to our new analysis of the data.

20th Oct 2021

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Just 44% of people with blood cancer invited for potentially lifesaving third vaccine dose

The roll-out of the third dose of Covid vaccines to the immunocompromised has been a chaotic failure, with less than half of people with blood cancer being invited by the deadline set by the NHS, according to our new survey.

15th Oct 2021


In memory of Emma

We're delighted to announce that we have expanded our range of cards with three designs by the late artist, Emma McKinlay – with all profits going towards beating blood cancer.

14th Oct 2021


Blood cancer and your employment rights

Ben Goodall from Acas explains how employees with blood cancer are protected by law, and how to handle discussions with your employer about the impact blood cancer has on your working life, especially during the current pandemic.

11th Oct 2021

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Supporting people with blood cancer to make decisions around clinical trials

Millie, an Advanced Nurse Practitioner, tell us about her important role in helping people with blood cancer to make decisions around clinical trials. Here, she explains some of the barriers she faces, and how she overcomes them.

7th Oct 2021

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The story of Dr Jane C Wright, pioneer of blood cancer research

To mark the start of Black History Month, we share the story of Dr Jane C Wright, a true pioneer in the field of blood cancer research. Despite facing prejudice and other barriers in her career, Jane left a legacy that has helped save millions of lives.

30th Sep 2021

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What should you do if you have blood cancer and cannot get a third Covid vaccine dose?

With many people reporting issues with the rollout of third doses of the vaccine, we’ve set out what you can do right now to try to get your third dose if you have not already been invited for it.

30th Sep 2021


What does Sajid Javid’s letter to the clinically extremely vulnerable mean?

We've read the 2,000 word letter, digested it, and sum up the key points in 179 words.

27th Sep 2021

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My birthday surprise… blood cancer

Due to the severity of his condition, Sunny didn't have time to digest the news of his diagnosis. Now, he has some advice for you.

27th Sep 2021

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Our research strategy: your questions answered

We asked our community what they wanted to know about our research strategy and the future of blood cancer research. In this article we answer these important questions – from how we allocate funding, to how soon research should deliver impact for patients.

25th Sep 2021

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We didn’t know Dad was still vulnerable to covid. People with blood cancer deserve to be told the truth

Philip's family did everything they could to keep him safe from Covid, but sadly it wasn't enough. Philip's daughter, Gemma, shares their heartbreaking story with the hope that better vaccine information will be given to people with blood cancer in future.

22nd Sep 2021


Latest Updates from the Vaccine Research Collaborative

Welcome to our live blog all about research looking at the effectiveness of the covid vaccines in people with blood cancer.

20th Sep 2021

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I put my symptoms down to being pregnant, but it was actually blood cancer

Jemma, and many of her healthcare professionals, put her symptoms down to the side effects of being pregnant or giving birth for far too long. After a long road to getting a diagnosis, Jemma is finally receiving the treatment she needs.

15th Sep 2021

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The blood cancer jigsaw: how we start to piece together the bigger picture

There are many different types of blood cancer, which affect different blood cells and require different treatments. But blood cancers might be more similar than you think – in this blog we look at what ties them together, the similarities between treatments, and how some drugs and research are having an impact across multiple conditions.

10th Sep 2021


Clinical trials: Everything you didn't know you needed to know

Not many people know that we run the UK's first and only Clinical Trials Support Service for people with blood cancer – helping patients get access to treatments they may have never known were available. But what is a clinical trial, and who are they available to? Read on to find out more...

9th Sep 2021

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Clinical trials: How we're going to make sure everyone's included

Clinical trials are crucial part of getting new treatments to people with blood cancer. But many clinical trials struggle to recruit enough patients to take part in their research, with people from minority ethnic groups being particularly underrepresented.

9th Sep 2021

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My dad – the hero every story deserves

My Dad told me countless of tales and played many different characters. But in the end, when it comes to my story, he will always be the hero.

9th Sep 2021

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