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“Science is sexy"

Liz Thomas was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML) in December 2018. Today, on World CML Day, she's sharing her story with us.

22nd Sep 2020


The Government should give financial support and clear guidance to people with blood cancer

21st Sep 2020

Covid Survey

His Royal Highness The Duke of Kent marks Blood Cancer Awareness Month

His Royal Highness the Duke of Kent has been our Patron since 1972. He has written the following article to mark our 60th anniversary, to reflect on the challenges of the coronavirus for people with blood cancer, and to look at the wider impact on all charities.

21st Sep 2020


My care team gave me my life back, how can "thank you" ever be enough?

Steve Gunby is taking on the 2020 Virtual London to Paris cycle after being diagnosed with Myeloma in 2019. He'd never taken on 300 miles before, but he grew into the challenge...

18th Sep 2020

Steve Gunby.jpg

Announcement on sponsorship of Blenheim Triathlon

11th Sep 2020


Five years on, our family is living free from the restraints of blood cancer

Lisa reflects on the impact that leukaemia has had on her son Hugo, and their whole family. From the path to diagnosis and the grueling side effects of treatment, to Hugo finally finishing treatment. Now, they look forward to embracing every moment of life.

4th Sep 2020

Hugo square img

Turning leukaemia on its head

Despite the harsh side effects of Yvonne's treatment for leukaemia, she was determined to keep as active as she could. By adapting her approach to fitness, Yvonne was able to come back even stronger.

4th Sep 2020

Yvonne sq.png

We've saved so many lives in the last 60 years, because of Susan.

It's been 60 years since my parents started this charity. We've grown to become thousands of families, and achieved so much along the way. But it all started with my little sister, Susan.

2nd Sep 2020


Does having blood cancer put you at greater risk from the coronavirus?

This week the Lancet Oncology published the largest study into coronavirus and cancer. It looked at whether some types of cancer put people at higher risk from the coronavirus than others.

24th Aug 2020

Covid Survey

An announcement about Blood Cancer UK

The last few months have been perhaps the most difficult our community has ever faced.

23rd Jul 2020


A staycation is better than no vacation!

With coronavirus having such a big impact on everyone’s summer plans, we spoke to Jo who has been shielding since March. Like many, Jo has found shielding to be difficult at times, but that hasn’t stopped her from making some incredible memories over the past few months. In this blog she describes her experiences and how you too can still have a summer that you’ll never forget.

20th Jul 2020


How could a coronavirus vaccine help people with blood cancer?

How much hope should people with blood cancer pin on a coronavirus vaccine?

13th Jul 2020

Researcher testing tubes (square)

What can we learn from the Cancer Patient Experience Survey data?

We explain the results of the 2019 Cancer Patient Experience Survey data and the likely impact COVID-19 will have on blood cancer care.

8th Jul 2020


We're calling on the government to #SaveOurShielders

We're urging the Government to give financial support to people with blood cancer who can't work from home and whose workplace cannot be made Covid-safe.

8th Jul 2020

SOS Dice thumbnail

Does a chemical found in weedkiller cause lymphoma?

For a number of years there has been concern about a potential link between glyphosate (the active ingredient in many weed killers, including RoundUp) and cancer.

25th Jun 2020


EHA annual conference 2020: the promising future of blood cancer research

Here’s a research round-up of all the exciting breakthroughs in blood cancer research discussed at this year’s European Haematology Association conference. From potential new treatments for people with myeloma to understanding more about how blood cancers develop and why they return.

24th Jun 2020

pipette small.png

Our view on the proposed ‘pause’ in shielding

What have the UK Governments announced and what are we doing about it?

23rd Jun 2020


What effect is COVID-19 having on blood cancer research?

One of the questions I’ve been asked most often since the UK entered lockdown is “what does COVID-19 mean for blood cancer research?”. After two months of lockdown, what have we learned? What does the future hold and what part will Blood Cancer UK play?

12th Jun 2020

researcher at work

New research hope for those with a rare type of leukaemia

Our research fellow, Dr Marc Mansour and his team, have come to understand more about why some types of T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (T-ALL) stop responding to chemotherapy, and how we might overcome it in the future.

11th Jun 2020

Pippette researcher.png

Should children with blood cancer go back to school?

As schools begin to re-open following the coronavirus lockdown, we take a closer look at the issues around children with blood cancer returning to classrooms.

5th Jun 2020