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Our new name

Our name change to Blood Cancer UK follows a year-long discussion with our community about how we can reach more people affected by blood cancer.

31st Mar 2020

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Charities keep people alive and well - we need government help too

The coronavirus emergency has increased demand for the vital third sector, while crushing its ability to raise funds, writes Blood Cancer UK CEO Gemma Peters.

29th Mar 2020

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Leukaemia protective role of Y chromosome gene discovered

Scientists funded by Bloodwise have discovered the first leukaemia protective gene that is specific to the male-only Y chromosome. Researchers at the Wellcome Sanger Institute and the University of Cambridge found that this Y-chromosome gene protects against the development of acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) and other cancers.

2nd Feb 2020

What causes leukaemia and how can we use this information to better treat it?

2nd Feb 2020

How does the immune system recognise and destroy Hodgkin lymphoma?

In Hodgkin lymphoma, the cells which are the root cause of the cancer are hidden within a much larger number of white blood cells. These white blood cells are usually very good at killing cancer cells, but may be unable to kill all of the Hodgkin lymphoma cells. Bloodwise Visiting Fellow Dr Zumla Cader has been investigating why...

2nd Feb 2020

Beating blood cancer: how decades of research makes us excited about the future

Last week Professor Pamela Kearns, one of the UK’s leading blood cancer researchers, gave a talk at St James’s Palace about the progress we’ve made in blood cancer research, and why we believe blood cancer can be beaten in the next few decades.

2nd Feb 2020

How did a weapon of war become a blood cancer treatment?

As we pay tribute to the soldiers of World War I, we look at the surprising link between the battlefields of France and blood cancer research.

2nd Feb 2020

New tool to find and fight most dangerous types of lymphoma

UK scientists funded by Bloodwise have found a new way to identify people with lymphoma who are less likely to respond to standard drugs.

2nd Feb 2020

ASH Annual Meeting 2018 round-up: the latest CAR-T therapy news

This week, the American Society of Hematology (ASH) Annual Meeting saw 30,000 experts gather in San Diego to discuss new research and clinical experience examining blood cancers and other blood disorders. In part one of our round-up, read about the latest breakthroughs in CAR-T therapy – a game changing new treatment for blood cancer.

2nd Feb 2020

Simon Thomas takes on President role at Bloodwise

TV presenter Simon Thomas has announced that he has been made a President at Bloodwise.

2nd Feb 2020

We’re changing to Blood Cancer UK

Bloodwise will be changing its name to Blood Cancer UK in Spring 2020.

29th Jan 2020

Watch the highlights from Meet the Scientists 2019

The event was an opportunity to hear about the latest updates in treatments and technologies.

10th Dec 2019

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Over a quarter of blood cancer cases only diagnosed after emergency admission

Thousands of people a year in England only learn they have blood cancer, such as leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma, after their symptoms need emergency treatment according to our new report.

15th Oct 2019

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Targeting multiple cancer genes could be key to treating leukaemia

Faults in two genes directly work together to bring about the deadliest form of blood cancer, scientists have discovered in a study that could pave the way for better treatments.

3rd Oct 2019

Facts and information about blood cancer

We’re the UK’s leading blood cancer research charity. We fund research to improve the treatment and care for people living with more than 100 types of blood cancer.

18th Aug 2019

Travelling with blood cancer? What you need to know

It’s August and the summer holiday season has arrived. But for people with blood cancer, there are lots of things to think about before jetting off. Bloodwise Ambassadors share their tips for choosing a holiday that won’t provoke your symptoms, packing medication and avoiding infection while you’re away

5th Aug 2019


What is genomics and how can it help people with blood cancer?

You might have heard about genomics in the news – many are calling it one of the most exciting new areas of medicine. But what is genomics exactly, and how will it help people with blood cancer now and in the future? Our resident genomics expert Dr Ross P. Coron explains all.

2nd Aug 2019

By the end of the programme, I didn’t feel despair. I felt hope.

War in the Blood, a new BBC documentary follows two people who received CAR-T therapy, a groundbreaking new treatment for blood cancer, as part of a clinical trial. Kate, our Senior Support Services Manager, reviews the documentary

8th Jul 2019

How social media can help you cope with a blood cancer diagnosis

A cancer diagnosis is life-changing. I didn’t know where to turn. But social media helped in many ways, from showing me I wasn’t alone to providing practical tips for coping with chemo

4th Jul 2019

In memory of Sangita

4th Jul 2019