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Latest Updates from the Vaccine Research Collaborative

Welcome to our live blog all about research looking at the effectiveness of the covid vaccines in people with blood cancer.

18th Jun 2021

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“For too long, stigma and outdated ideas have prevented gay men from helping people with blood cancer”

New legislation has come into effect which means it’s now easier for men in relationships with men to give blood. Read on to find out more about these new rules, why this is good news for the blood cancer community, and what it means for people like Todd.

14th Jun 2021

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We're calling on the Government to postpone lifting restrictions on June 21

We've joined with Kidney Care UK to call on the Government in England to postpone plans to lift all Covid restrictions on June 21, to help protect the 500,000 immunocompromised people in the UK.

11th Jun 2021

Announcement: We're funding NINE research projects across multiple blood cancers

We're excited to announce funding for new blood cancer research projects taking place across the UK. Below we reveal a little about each project, and how they'll benefit people with blood cancer...

11th Jun 2021

What do covid antibody test results mean for people with blood cancer?

Many of our community have had an antibody test following their covid vaccine to understand what kind of response they’ve had. In this blog, we talk more about what antibody test results mean, what the evidence suggests is important in developing a response to vaccination and what other factors are important to think about.

7th Jun 2021

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“When I stood at that first bucket collection, I never thought it would come this far”

After Jake lost his stepdad Paul to acute myeloid leukaemia, he was determined to volunteer to help others affected by blood cancer.

2nd Jun 2021

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I felt like I'd hit the jackpot: My experiences on a clinical trial

After three years on watch and wait following a blood cancer diagnosis, Nicky enrolled on a clinical trial. In March this year, recruitment for the trial closed. To mark the occasion, Nicky reflects on her positive experiences from the trial.

28th May 2021

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Together we're investing £800K in vaccine efficacy research

The Blood Cancer UK Vaccine Research Collaborative announces funding for a further eight research projects, worth £800K in total, that will look at covid vaccine effectiveness in people with blood cancer.

26th May 2021

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Please, keep your distance to protect people with blood cancer

As today’s relaxation of covid rules come into effect (Monday 17 May) we're urging the public to continue respecting people’s personal space to help protect people with blood cancer.

17th May 2021


"This is what I missed while shielding in my flat"

This Mental Health Awareness Week, Erica shares a poetic account of how connecting with nature has helped her mental wellbeing, both during lockdown and beyond.

13th May 2021

Ambassador Erica on watch and wait

Group of charities announce first blood cancer vaccine efficacy research funding

A new collaborative of charities focusing on research into COVID-19 vaccine efficacy for people with blood cancer has announced funding for research into how well they work in people with cancer that affects their immune system.

11th May 2021


What else can we use to protect people with blood cancer from covid?

We spoke to Professor Andrew Ustianowski, the clinical lead of a trial called PROVENT, to find out about alternative methods that might protect people with blood cancer from covid.

5th May 2021


It feels like while everyone's getting back to normal, my life’s still on pause

Jill's been shielding since March 2020. She hopes that research into how effective the vaccine is will help people with blood cancer get back to normal.

4th May 2021


People with blood cancer now account for 1 in 20 new Covid intensive care patients

This has added to our concern that the vaccines aren't working as well for people with blood cancer as they do for other high-risk groups.

22nd Apr 2021


Do people with myeloma have an antibody response to the Covid vaccine?

20th Apr 2021


Finding a mixed-race stem cell donor for Dad simply wasn't an option

Ben tells the story of his Dad John's blood cancer diagnosis, and how the responsibility of becoming a stem-cell donor fell on his shoulders, despite only being a 50% match.

19th Apr 2021


New group launched to fund research into Covid vaccine efficacy for blood cancer

We're part of a new vaccine research collaborative that has been launched to fund research to find out how effective Covid vaccines are for people with blood cancer.

19th Apr 2021

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“I feel lucky that I can benefit from years of blood cancer research”

Deciding on whether to enrol on a clinical trial can be a tough decision, as David knows all too well. Find out why he eventually said yes to taking part, what he's learned about the process, and how he's benefiting from the research it offers.

31st Mar 2021

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Living with a rare disease: Sara’s story

Sara was diagnosed with Waldenström macroglobulinaemia (WM) in 2016. WM is a rare form of lymphoma and only 350 people are diagnosed with it each year in the UK. Now in remission, Sara tells us what it was like having an uncommon and often misunderstood disease.

30th Mar 2021


How can I get involved in blood cancer research?

In November 2020, we asked our community to complete our survey and help us set our research priorities for the next five years.

24th Mar 2021

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