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Our response to the vaccine phase 2 priority list

We're disappointed to learn that household members of the clinically extremely vulnerable are not part of the Phase 2 priority list.

26th Feb 2021


One of the hardest things is that it’s a ‘hidden’ condition

MPNs are a group of rare blood cancers which can often remain stable or progress quite slowly, but can present many challenges for those living with them. Here, Jane shares her experience of the disease and her advice for those who have recently been diag

26th Feb 2021


Antibiotic shows potential in helping treat aggressive blood cancer

A type of aggressive blood cancer could be made more sensitive to chemotherapy using an antibiotic currently available to treat diarrhoea, according to new research published today in Science Translational Medicine.

24th Feb 2021

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Can people with blood cancer stop shielding on March 31?

This week, the Westminster Government announced its roadmap out of Covid lockdown in England, and it “anticipates that it will no longer be necessary to advise shielding beyond the end of March 2021”.

24th Feb 2021


How dangerous is Covid-19 for people with blood cancer?

New research has been published that sheds new light on how dangerous the coronavirus is to people with blood cancer.

5th Feb 2021


What's the one thing you wish you'd known when you were diagnosed?

The theme for this year's World Cancer Day is – Because together, all our actions matter. That's why we asked our ambassadors to share the things they wish they knew about blood cancer when they, or their loved ones, were diagnosed.

4th Feb 2021

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Professors Van-Tam and Vallance's comments show vaccine priority must change

Following comments by Jonathan Van-Tam and Patrick Vallance that vaccines are almost certain to prevent covid transmission, we're urging the Government to give adults living with people with blood cancer a higher vaccine priority

28th Jan 2021


Household members of people with blood cancer should be a priority for vaccines

We call on the government to make household members of people with blood cancer a priority for the coronavirus vaccine.

20th Jan 2021

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"I know my son, Ozzie, will want me to support others with blood cancer"

Miranda will be walking among hundreds of others in our Walk of Light, in memory of her son, Ozzie. Knowing this is something he'd want her to do, she feels proud and honoured to be able to take part. Will you join her?

18th Jan 2021

Ozzie at Christmas.jpg

We're banishing Blue Monday in favour of You Monday

We're calling on everyone to “follow the science” and banish the so-called saddest day of the year – Blue Monday – from your calendar.

18th Jan 2021

This New Year I'm giving up the phrase "why can't I do that?"

Angie's put 2020 in her rear-view mirror, and is focused on keeping a positive mindset and embracing the challenge of the new year.

22nd Dec 2020


A Christmas message from Blood Cancer UK

Christmas always seems a natural point to look back and take stock of the year. I won't sugar coat the past 12 months, but we can all be proud of how our community has come together and what we've achieved.

22nd Dec 2020

I'm climbing a mountain with the man who saved my life

Brett was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia in 2014. There were some very dark moments, but six years later, he's reaching new heights.

21st Dec 2020


Shielding at Christmas will be lonely... but I believe and hope in the future

Pat always hosts Christmas for the whole family. But with the vaccine in sight, she's made the decision to stay apart until the new year.

17th Dec 2020


From coronavirus to clinic: how did we get a vaccine?

We know a lot of people with blood cancer have questions on whether the coronavirus vaccine is safe after such a short amount of time. We hope to answer some of these questions by explaining how these vaccines have been developed.

11th Dec 2020

Test tube sq.png

My shining light, Aly

This Christmas, Jo introduced us to a very special nurse, Aly, who was one of the shining lights that helped her throughout her treatment. Whether it was to make her laugh, give a warm hug, or the confidence to keep going.

4th Dec 2020

Aly, star.png

Coronavirus vaccine approved for use next week: Our response

Gemma Peters, Chief Executive of Blood Cancer UK, responds to the news that the Pfizer/BioNTech coronavirus vaccine is approved for use and will be deployed as early as next week.

2nd Dec 2020


Giving back to the community

A year ago, Sunny was in a critical condition. With a positive frame of mind to help him recover, he's been using his new lease of and genuine appreciation of life to help vulnerable people in the community throughout the pandemic.

1st Dec 2020

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Making decisions about your Christmas plans if you have blood cancer

If you’re finding it hard to plan or think about Christmas this year, here are some things that might help you with decision-making and techniques for coping with uncertainty.

30th Nov 2020


The coronavirus vaccine: what you need to know

We explain what we know about the potential vaccines and what they could mean for people with blood cancer.

25th Nov 2020

Covid vacine sq.png