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I put my symptoms down to being pregnant, but it was actually blood cancer

Jemma, and many of her healthcare professionals, put her symptoms down to the side effects of being pregnant or giving birth for far too long. After a long road to getting a diagnosis, Jemma is finally receiving the treatment she needs.

15th Sep 2021

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The blood cancer jigsaw: how we start to piece together the bigger picture

There are many different types of blood cancer, which affect different blood cells and require different treatments. But blood cancers might be more similar than you think – in this blog we look at what ties them together, the similarities between treatments, and how some drugs and research are having an impact across multiple conditions.

10th Sep 2021


Clinical trials: Everything you didn't know you needed to know

Not many people know that we run the UK's first and only Clinical Trials Support Service for people with blood cancer – helping patients get access to treatments they may have never known were available. But what is a clinical trial, and who are they available to? Read on to find out more...

9th Sep 2021

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Clinical trials: How we're going to make sure everyone's included

Clinical trials are crucial part of getting new treatments to people with blood cancer. But many clinical trials struggle to recruit enough patients to take part in their research, with people from minority ethnic groups being particularly underrepresented.

9th Sep 2021

Nurse at desk with computer

My dad – the hero every story deserves

My Dad told me countless of tales and played many different characters. But in the end, when it comes to my story, he will always be the hero.

9th Sep 2021

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Running, research and the NHS saved my life

This month, David ran with his 'NHS Heroes' to help beat blood cancer. While the road to recovery hasn't been easy – from being in crutches to Covid – David was determined to keep training until his dream of running again became a reality.

2nd Sep 2021

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Why am I being invited for a third COVID vaccine dose?

1st Sep 2021


Five-year-old Mila Sneddon is taking on Scoot in September to raise funds for children with blood cancer

The scooting star captured the nations hearts – including those of the Duchess of Cambridge and Ant & Dec – during lockdown when forced to isolate from her Dad during treatment

1st Sep 2021


Our research investment into AML

We asked Professor Brian Huntly, an AML expert who has been working in this area for the past 18 years, why there has been so much research into AML and what he expects the future of AML research to hold.

31st Aug 2021

Fears blood cancer cases are being missed, as more than half of Brits can't name symptoms

Ahead of September's Blood Cancer Awareness Month, we're calling for urgent public awareness of UK’s third biggest cancer killer

31st Aug 2021

Booster vaccines: How we helped make the research happen

Beating blood cancer isn't just about spending money on research, but bringing the right people together at the right time. In this blog, we explain how we helped make booster vaccine research happen and how we see ourselves as a convener of research as well as a funder.

25th Aug 2021

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Can a blood test detect cancer?

You might have recently seen news suggesting that a blood test could accurately identify cancer months before a person starts to get any symptoms. Here's what we know about the test and what it might mean for people with blood cancer.

10th Aug 2021

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Five reasons for people with blood cancer to be hopeful about the Covid pandemic

We know that many of you are worried about Covid, which is we why we want you to know that with more research into vaccine efficacy, and with better treatments on the horizon, there are reasons for you to be optimistic about the future.

29th Jul 2021

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Open letter from cancer charities to the public

40 charities and organisations have written an open letter, urging the public to help keep vulnerable people safe as restrictions ease.

16th Jul 2021

Covid Survey

37 leading clinicians call for more Government support for people with blood cancer

A group of 37 leading experts representing people with blood cancer have marked the lifting of restrictions in England today (Monday) by calling on the Government to do more to protect people with blood cancer as the covid infection rate rises.

16th Jul 2021


Vaccine Collaborative announce further funding for vaccine efficacy research

The Blood Cancer Vaccine Research Collaborative has announced further funding into COVID-19 vaccine research for people with blood cancer. The two new studies will seek to understand how the vaccines trigger an immune response in people with blood cancer and the extent to which this protects them from coronavirus.

6th Jul 2021

Vaccine Collaborative Updated Resized Final_Final.png

Why we've decided to push the NHS on vaccine effectiveness

As much as we don’t want to have to push the NHS to do even more, there are still lots of people with blood cancer who don't have all the information they need to judge their level of risk. Our responsibility lies with them.

2nd Jul 2021


80% of people with blood cancer have not been told the Covid vaccines may not work for them

The lives of tens of thousands of people with blood cancer are being put at risk because they've not been told the Covid vaccines are less likely to work as well for them.

1st Jul 2021


Seven new Trustees called up to Blood Cancer UK squad

**Extra time called! Now updated with TWO extra additions**

29th Jun 2021


We believe we can beat blood cancer within a generation. Here’s how we’ll do it.

Fatima Sulaiman, Head of Research, talks about the future of blood cancer research for us as an organisation, and what we’re doing to prioritise research.

23rd Jun 2021