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Stephen Fry urges people with blood cancer to qualify that their individual condition is a type of blood cancer, to help raise crucial awareness.

76% of people with disease don’t get told they have a type of blood cancer at diagnosis. Neither did Aimee Togher, who was recently diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

1st Sep 2023

A close up of Stephen Fry at his home, smiling.

Yorkshire Farmhouse raises £1.95 million money for vital blood cancer research!

We’ve just found out that the latest Omaze Million Pound House Draw raised a staggering £1.95m in just six weeks to support vital blood cancer research. Yes, you read that right – £1,950,000!

11th Aug 2023

A group of people happy holding up the amount of money raised

Winding down of National Cancer Research Institute ‘sad’ for those with blood cancer

Today, the UK's National Cancer Research Institute announced it is winding down. Launched in 2001, only last year, the organisation consulted widely to produce a new strategy. Now board members have made the decision to wind down the Institute.

26th Jun 2023

A doctor speaks to a patient

Blood Cancer UK renews partnership with RareCan to accelerate research into rare cancers

Renewing the partnership will continue to grow RareCan’s patient community, offering more individuals living with a rare blood cancer diagnosis the opportunity to volunteer to take part in clinical research.

23rd Jun 2023

An older man wearing a white shirt and grey jumper is in consultation with his doctor. He is making eye contact and looks like he is asking a question.

Reinvigorating commercial clinical trials in the UK will help us beat blood cancer

The UK Government has recently made some big announcements about commercial clinical trials and life sciences in the UK. This blog explores some of those recommendations, commitments and what they mean for the blood cancer community.

20th Jun 2023

Remembering Lord Cadogan

We are saddened to learn of the death of our Honorary President, Lord Cadogan KBE DL.

16th Jun 2023

My father would have never believed I'd be running half marathon!

Bradley was a financial advisor at St James’s Place Wealth Management who supported our charity for many years. Bradley lived with MPN (myeloproliferative neoplasms) and was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia in March 2022. Despite beginning chemotherapy immediately, Bradley sadly passed away after just two weeks of treatment. Bradley's daughter, Lara, writes about how she's carrying on her father's fundraising mission.

15th Jun 2023

Lara in her Blood Cancer UK running top

How thinking differently about Pride is helping us do more to beat blood cancer

When we think about Pride today, often the first things that spring to mind are colourful marches, rainbow flags… a celebration of diversity. But is that what Pride should be about?

1st Jun 2023

A little girl holds up a Pride flag

Targeting tumour stroma could improve immunotherapy response in those with lymphoma

Researchers at King’s College London have shown how specific cells known as ‘fibroblast cells’ in lymphoma tumours suppress the body’s immune cells and immunotherapy treatment. The Blood Cancer UK funded work highlights the potential of harnessing these fibroblasts to help rejuvenate the body’s immune cells (T-cells) using novel immunotherapy drugs. The scientific paper, the Journal of Clinical Investigation published the results.

30th May 2023

Headshot of man smiling

Read Ed's story of being diagnosed with CLL

Ed shares his story of how our Clinical Trials Support Service helped support him through his diagnosis of CLL

16th May 2023


Being part of the FLAIR trial has been an amazing opportunity

In this blog, James, who is living with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia, tells us about his journey with blood cancer, and discusses what research means to him.

10th May 2023

Blood cancer drug trial results in better outcomes than those on best-available existing medication

A drug, ruxolitinib, has been found to be better at treating the blood cancer - polycythaemia vera (PV) than the best currently available treatment. Researchers looked at how well the drug worked in those who don’t respond well to the first line of treatment in a randomized phase-II clinical trial. Blood Cancer UK funded the work through the Trials Acceleration Programme.

4th May 2023

Three years later: should high risk people still be shielding from Covid?

Three years on from the start of the Covid pandemic, we look at what information there is for people with blood cancer to decide how to balance risk from the virus with wanting to get on with living their lives as normally as possible.

3rd May 2023

Jill shielding at home during lockdown

Our letter to the UK Health Security Agency representing immunocompromised people

With a coalition of 11 other charities and organisations representing immunocompromised people, we've written to UK Health Security Agency chief, Dame Jenny Harries, to ask about the pause and review of the ONS Covid-19 Infection Survey and urged her to reconsider. Here is the letter in full:

24th Apr 2023

11 logos of charities who wrote to UKHSA to urge them to reconsider pausing the ONS Covid-19 survey.

Research suggests drug improves stem cell transplants for those with multiple myeloma

Researchers in the US have shed light on a way to carry out stem cell transplants in people with multiple myeloma more efficiently, using a drug called motixafortide. The scientific journal, Nature Medicine, published the findings, today (Monday 17 April).

19th Apr 2023

Why taking away that worry of the cancer returning would be life changing…

We’ve recently funded 16 new research projects, but we couldn’t fund research without you, our community who so generously donate to blood cancer research. In this blog we hear from Carole who talks about what this latest research means to her.

14th Apr 2023

Photo of Carole outside on a hike smiling

We’re delighted to be funding 16 new research projects

We are delighted to announce funding for 16 new research projects across the UK, worth over £4million. The projects span all types of blood cancer and bring our total funding portfolio to 74 different research projects across 23 different institutions in the UK.

22nd Mar 2023

I want others to listen and know they're not alone

The new Blood Cancer Heart to Heart podcast is for everyone who has a friend or family member with blood cancer

15th Mar 2023

New Podcast

Tom Youngs speaks publicly about his late wife, Tiff, as Will Findlay takes on new challenge

Former British and Irish Lions player, ex-England hooker and Leicester Tigers club captain Tom Youngs has spoken publicly for the first time about his wife Tiffany, sadly passed away to blood cancer in 2022.

13th Mar 2023

Tom Youngs and Will Findlay

Evusheld decision leaves members of blood cancer community disappointed

Today (16 February) NICE has deemed that there’s not enough evidence to say Evusheld is clinically effective against COVID-19 in the UK. NICE also said it is developing a new review process to update recommendations on the cost-effectiveness of COVID-19 treatments, so they can be made available more quickly if they show promise against new variants and are found to be cost-effective.

16th Feb 2023

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