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What can we learn from the Cancer Patient Experience Survey data?

We explain the results of the 2019 Cancer Patient Experience Survey data and the likely impact COVID-19 will have on blood cancer care.

8th Jul 2020


We're calling on the government to #SaveOurShielders

We're urging the Government to give financial support to people with blood cancer who can't work from home and whose workplace cannot be made Covid-safe.

8th Jul 2020

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Does a chemical found in weedkiller cause lymphoma?

For a number of years there has been concern about a potential link between glyphosate (the active ingredient in many weed killers, including RoundUp) and cancer.

25th Jun 2020


EHA annual conference 2020: the promising future of blood cancer research

Here’s a research round-up of all the exciting breakthroughs in blood cancer research discussed at this year’s European Haematology Association conference. From potential new treatments for people with myeloma to understanding more about how blood cancers develop and why they return.

24th Jun 2020

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Our view on the proposed ‘pause’ in shielding

What have the UK Governments announced and what are we doing about it?

23rd Jun 2020


What effect is COVID-19 having on blood cancer research?

One of the questions I’ve been asked most often since the UK entered lockdown is “what does COVID-19 mean for blood cancer research?”. After two months of lockdown, what have we learned? What does the future hold and what part will Blood Cancer UK play?

12th Jun 2020

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New research hope for those with a rare type of leukaemia

Our research fellow, Dr Marc Mansour and his team, have come to understand more about why some types of T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (T-ALL) stop responding to chemotherapy, and how we might overcome it in the future.

11th Jun 2020

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Should children with blood cancer go back to school?

As schools begin to re-open following the coronavirus lockdown, we take a closer look at the issues around children with blood cancer returning to classrooms.

5th Jun 2020


How should coronavirus shielding guidance for blood cancer change?

As we get used to the idea that coronavirus will be with us for a long time, what do we need to know to safely relax shielding guidance? How should that change happen, and how much do we know already?

2nd Jun 2020


Common symptoms of coronavirus are also symptoms of blood cancer

Dr Alex Langridge (Haematology Registrar in the North East of England) explains the challenges of detecting blood cancer when symptoms are similar to coronavirus, and what can be done about it.

28th May 2020

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People with blood cancer now make up a bigger proportion of coronavirus intensive care patients

Our analysis shows the proportion of people in intensive care because of coronavirus – who also have blood cancer – increased between April and May.

20th May 2020

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Why are people with blood cancer being told to shield for 12 weeks?

While everyone in the UK has felt the impact of the coronavirus over the last few weeks, people with blood cancer have felt it more than most. These 115,000 people have been told not to leave their homes at all for at least 12 weeks, which is called “shielding”.

13th May 2020


Meet Alison, our blood cancer clinical nurse specialist

Meet Alison Paterson, a blood cancer clinical nurse specialist and member of our Nurses Working Group. Find out on what it's like working on the front line during the coronavirus pandemic.

12th May 2020

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Coronavirus mental health crisis for people with blood cancer

Over half of people who are shielding from coronavirus are struggling with their mental health and nearly one in 10 say the impact is severe, our survey of people with blood cancer has found.

7th May 2020


How is the coronarvirus affecting the blood cancer community’s mental health?

In the current climate, it’s inevitable that many people’s mental health will be affected to some extent as we’re cooped up inside and cut off from friends and family. But what impact has the coronavirus pandemic had on people affected by blood cancer specifically?

5th May 2020


From Dine Out to Dine IN – Confessions of a Technophobe

Technophobe Maria Clarke from our Glasgow and District Branch hosts a successful virtual fundraiser.

29th Apr 2020

Collage Dine In

Findings from our survey on COVID-19

We surveyed more than 3,000 people affected by blood cancer to find out their concerns about coronavirus. Here's what we found out, and what we're going to do about it.

28th Apr 2020

Coronavirus Survey

Over a third of people with blood cancer “haven’t had shielding letter”

Our survey found that over a third of people with blood cancer who are expecting to get a letter telling them to stay at home and shield because of the coronavirus have not yet received one.

27th Apr 2020


People with undiagnosed blood cancer don't know they're vulnerable to coronavirus

There are over 10,000 people with undiagnosed blood cancer who are extremely vulnerable to the coronavirus, but don't know it.

18th Apr 2020

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Could a blood cancer drug be used to help people with COVID-19?

Calquence is being trialled in patients with COVID-19 who are critically ill, in the hope that it may reduce damage to their lungs.

16th Apr 2020

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