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It feels like while everyone's getting back to normal, my life’s still on pause

Jill's been shielding since March 2020. She hopes that research into how effective the vaccine is will help people with blood cancer get back to normal.

4th May 2021


People with blood cancer now account for 1 in 20 new Covid intensive care patients

This has added to our concern that the vaccines aren't working as well for people with blood cancer as they do for other high-risk groups.

22nd Apr 2021


Do people with myeloma have an antibody response to the Covid vaccine?

20th Apr 2021


Finding a mixed-race stem cell donor for Dad simply wasn't an option

Ben tells the story of his Dad John's blood cancer diagnosis, and how the responsibility of becoming a stem-cell donor fell on his shoulders, despite only being a 50% match.

19th Apr 2021


New group launched to fund research into Covid vaccine efficacy for blood cancer

We're part of a new vaccine research collaborative that has been launched to fund research to find out how effective Covid vaccines are for people with blood cancer.

19th Apr 2021

Vaccine Collaborative Final_FINAL.png

“I feel lucky that I can benefit from years of blood cancer research”

Deciding on whether to enrol on a clinical trial can be a tough decision, as David knows all too well. Find out why he eventually said yes to taking part, what he's learned about the process, and how he's benefiting from the research it offers.

31st Mar 2021

David L Sq.png

Living with a rare disease: Sara’s story

Sara was diagnosed with Waldenström macroglobulinaemia (WM) in 2016. WM is a rare form of lymphoma and only 350 people are diagnosed with it each year in the UK. Now in remission, Sara tells us what it was like having an uncommon and often misunderstood disease.

30th Mar 2021


How can I get involved in blood cancer research?

In November 2020, we asked our community to complete our survey and help us set our research priorities for the next five years.

24th Mar 2021

RS729_Research 3-scr.jpg

Does this new study mean blood cancer patients aren't protected by the covid vaccine?

Research published suggests people with blood cancer may not have a good response to the first dose of the covid vaccine. We understand that this will be very concerning news, and want to explain more about what this research means for you.

11th Mar 2021


We respond to the first study on vaccine effectiveness in people with cancer

The first study looking at vaccine efficacy in people with cancer patients suggests they "lack the same protection" after the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine.

11th Mar 2021

Doctor with vaccine.png

My diagnosis with a rare blood cancer

Living with a rare disease can present many difficulties. In this blog, Dick shares his experience of living with a rare type of blood cancer called essential thrombocythaemia (ET), and how he works to keep fit, well-informed, and stay positive.

10th Mar 2021

Dick MPN cropped.jpg

“He was gone, and it was the most peaceful moment”

When Steve was diagnosed with a rare type of blood cancer, Kirsten was right there beside him. Despite the highs and lows of Steve’s treatment, they faced it together – right up until the moment when she felt his heart stop.

5th Mar 2021

Jane Steve MPN story 3

Covid vaccine: should people with blood cancer get an antibody test?

Here's what we think people with blood cancer should know about antibody tests, such as how they work and what the results might mean for you.

5th Mar 2021

Antibody test.png

Watch: Delving into the data of people with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL)

In this new video, we take a look into the lab at Professor Jim Allan's research, as he identifies two genes which could help predict who would benefit from early treatment of CLL.

4th Mar 2021

Our response to the vaccine phase 2 priority list

We're disappointed to learn that household members of the clinically extremely vulnerable are not part of the Phase 2 priority list.

26th Feb 2021


One of the hardest things is that it’s a ‘hidden’ condition

MPNs are a group of rare blood cancers which can often remain stable or progress quite slowly, but can present many challenges for those living with them. Here, Jane shares her experience of the disease and her advice for those who have recently been diag

26th Feb 2021


Antibiotic shows potential in helping treat aggressive blood cancer

A type of aggressive blood cancer could be made more sensitive to chemotherapy using an antibiotic currently available to treat diarrhoea, according to new research published today in Science Translational Medicine.

24th Feb 2021

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Can people with blood cancer stop shielding on March 31?

This week, the Westminster Government announced its roadmap out of Covid lockdown in England, and it “anticipates that it will no longer be necessary to advise shielding beyond the end of March 2021”.

24th Feb 2021


How dangerous is Covid-19 for people with blood cancer?

New research has been published that sheds new light on how dangerous the coronavirus is to people with blood cancer.

5th Feb 2021


What's the one thing you wish you'd known about blood cancer?

We asked six ambassadors to share the things they wish they knew about blood cancer when they, or their loved ones, were first diagnosed. From second opinions to choosing a wig, here's what they had to say...

4th Feb 2021

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