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The Blood Cancer UK Research Strategy Patient Panel

Read about our Research Strategy Patient Panel and the vital role they are currently playing in helping us to set our research priorities, so that we can continue to have the biggest impact possible.

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What is our research strategy?

With the help of our Research Strategy Patient Panel, we're in the process of defining a research strategy that will outline our research priorities over the next five years.

This will help us to ensure that we fund the most important research, that could lead to plenty more incredible breakthroughs in blood cancer research.

Through the implementation of our research strategy, we want to accelerate the rate of progress in blood cancer research, so that we can beat blood cancer sooner and improve the outlook for anyone diagnosed with blood cancer.

About our Research Strategy Patient Panel

We invited people affected by blood cancer to apply for a place on our panel, which was launched in May 2020.

We aim to have as inclusive and diverse a panel as possible. Currently, our panel is made up of 14 people, whose wide range of experiences help to inform our vital work. This covers age, gender, different types of blood cancer and backgrounds.

This includes people affected by leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma and other blood disorders (aplastic anaemia). Every panel member has experience of blood cancer, whether they've been personally affected, or through family members.

What does our Research Strategy Patient Panel do?

So far, our panel has taken part in a series of 1-2-1 conversations and workshops. This has allowed us to hear everyone’s thoughts on the most important areas of research to invest in over the next five years. This is being reviewed alongside feedback from our research community so that we can prioritise certain areas.

This has all taken place online, due to Covid-19 restrictions. We're committed to having ongoing engagement with this group, as we continue to develop our research strategy over the coming months.

We strongly believe in the mantra, 'Nothing about us without us,' as we engage with the panel.

How can I get involved?

Although applications to join our Research Strategy Patient Panel are now closed, you can still help us to shape our research priorities. Take our survey and use your voice to help guide the direction of our blood cancer research.