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My friend or family member has blood cancer

Get practical and emotional help to support a family member or friend with blood cancer, whether it's leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma, MDS or an MPN. And find out about your rights if you're a carer.

Gail and Kayleigh talking about how they went from being a partner to a carer overnight

Blood Cancer Heart to Heart

Find out how other people cope with difficult feelings when a loved one is diagnosed with blood cancer. Watch now.

Practical support for carers

Find out what you're entitled to if you're supporting someone with blood cancer.

Image of hands holding a heart-shaped stone with the word "hope" carved on it.

How to support someone through treatment

Find out different ways you can help when your friend or family member needs treatment for blood cancer.

Portrait of Bansri, treated twice for ALL, smiling

Bansri's story: How to be a good friend to someone with blood cancer

Bansri's explains what someone being treated for blood cancer needs most from their friends and family.

Looking after yourself when supporting someone else

It's important to take care of your own emotional wellbeing when you're taking care of someone you love.

Scott and Tris sharing their thoughts and feelings about Scott's myeloma diagnosis on the Blood Cancer Heart to Heart podcast

What does it mean to be a carer?

Tris talks about the extra level of responsibility involved when your loved one is living with blood cancer

Blood cancer support

Need to talk? We're here for anyone worried about or affected by blood cancer.

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Nadine, wearing a yellow jumper and smiling

Black with blood cancer

Read about the experiences of Black people with blood cancer and where to get support.

A selfie of Christine and Charlotte on a sunny winter's day

Losing a loved one to blood cancer

Find out about the support that is available if someone you know is dying or has died from blood cancer.

Join our online community forum

Talk to people who'll share their experiences and support you through yours.

Learn more about our research

Find out about the projects we're funding and the impact of our research on people with blood cancer.

Get involved

Find out how you can volunteer, take on a challenge or donate to beat blood cancer.