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Resources for researchers

Discover our research strategy, our animal research policies, guidance on using Grant Tracker, our success rates, and much more.

Research strategy

You can read our priorities in our research strategy.

Patient involvement in research

Hearing from patients can improve the design, scope and planning of your research project. For more information, please read the patient and public involvement in research resources.

Please refer to our guidance on writing for your patient audience.

Animal research

Please read our position statement and guidance for researchers who may consider animal use in research.

Apply for funding

See our current open funding calls. To be notified when our calls open, please contact the Research team.

Global talent visa

Blood Cancer UK is now a recognised endorsed funder for the Global Talent visa; the UK’s specialist research and innovation visa. Researchers we fund can now receive endorsement from UKRI for a UK Global Talent visa, where minimum requirements are met. To be eligible grants must be a minimum of £30,000 in value and 12 months in duration.

The UK's global talent visa does not limit the time spent in the UK, and can lead to permanent residency after three years; allows holders to come and go from the UK at will (for example, to carry out research oversees); allows family members (dependants) to travel with the Global Talent visa holder to the UK or join later.

For more information, contact [email protected]

Guidance on using Grant Tracker to apply for funding

We use Grant Tracker to manage research application and awards. For advice and help on how to submit an application, please read the Grant Tracker guidance.

Open access publications

We believe that free access to and unrestricted re-use of published research is the best way to share and build upon new knowledge and ideas. Please see our open access policy on how we fund journal publications.

How we fund research

We are a member of the Association of Medical Research Charities and fund in line with their principle and guidelines.

Success rates

Discover our success rates for response mode funding.