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We provide funding for impactful research which addresses important questions in the field of blood cancer and which aligns with our overarching strategic aim to bring forward the day when no one dies either of blood cancer or the side effects of its treatments.

New funding announcement: Early Career Advancement Fellowships

To help us reach our strategic aims we are committed to increasing the funding we have available for world quality research and maximising the support we provide for the vibrant community of exceptional blood cancer researchers working across the UK.

Traditionally as a charity we have invested heavily in research fellowships and careers and many of today’s Blood Cancer research leaders are former Blood Cancer UK fellows.

“The career path for clinical academics is perilous and is not always well supported by government and the university sector. Blood Cancer UK funded both a clinical training fellowship for me to do my PhD and a senior fellowship to fund my first UK faculty position on my return from working in the US. I am eternally grateful for that support without which I would not have been able to develop my career as a clinical academic."

Professor Adele Fielding, Professor of Haematology, Hull York Medical School and Honorary Consultant in Haematology, Hull University Teaching Hospitals

“Being awarded a Fellowship from Blood Cancer UK had an enormously positive impact on my career. It firmly established me as a recognised independent researcher at the University of Cambridge and strengthened my CV to the point that I was offered a tenured position at the University of Edinburgh. I will always be grateful to Blood Cancer UK for this important stepping stone in my career.”

Professor Katrin Ottersbach, Professor of Developmental Haematology, University of Edinburgh

At this time, our highest priority for fellowships is to ensure we are continuing to support the development of the most talented early career researchers who will go on to become the next generation of blood cancer research leaders. As part of this aim, we are excited to announce the launch of our new Early Career Advancement Fellowships.

Applications for the first round will open in June 2024 and we are aiming to fund three fellowships this year. This scheme will then run annually.

Remit and Eligibility

An Early Career Advancement Fellowship is designed to enable the most talented early career blood cancer researchers, who have already obtained a PhD, and undertaken further research as a postdoc or equivalent, to transition towards independence as a researcher.

Fellowships will be awarded for up to three years full time (or five years part time) and will be for a maximum of £350,000.

In this scheme, we encourage applications from:

  • Outstanding early career researchers who are dedicated to pursuing a career in Blood Cancer research, and who are aiming to transition towards independence with the support of this fellowship.
  • Candidates who have had up to a maximum of 6 years full time equivalent active research experience since gaining their PhD. Allowances will be made for career breaks, covid impacts and clinical activity.
  • Candidates from either non-clinical or clinical backgrounds. For clinical applicants candidates can remain clinically active for up to a maximum of 50% FTE. Salary requests can include the %FTE spent on the fellowship project, and we will ask for a proof of clinical employment from the funder of the remainder of the salary.
  • Candidates based at an academic research organisation in the UK that is able to sign up to Blood Cancer UK’s Terms and Conditions. We are unable to fund fellows based in industry.

Applicants should be proposing to undertake a novel research project that is in line with our overarching strategic aim of bringing forward the day when no one dies either of blood cancer or the side effects of its treatments

Applicants are permitted to undertake discovery or translational research and can include small scale clinical studies or research projects associated with ongoing clinical trials as part of a fellowship. However, these Fellowships are not designed to directly support the design or delivery of clinical trials.

The fellowship candidate should be the lead applicant but will need to include a named head of lab or department who will be asked to provide a letter of support outlining how they and the institution more broadly will support the fellow, including a commitment to supporting the research proposal, resourcing, and career development.

During the fellowship successful candidates will need to show that they will be undertaking career development activities alongside their research project including:

  • working towards establishing their own research groups and developing the required leadership skills.
  • applying for further research funding as a PI and/ or preparing to apply for more senior fellowships to support the next stage of their development after this award.
  • developing their research networks and engaging in the wider blood cancer research ecosystem.
  • building skills and experience in patient involvement.


Applications open: Thursday 13th June 2024 – full guidance will be available via this page when applications open

Deadline for submission of applications: 3pm on Thursday September 19th 2024

Interviews: February 2025

Applicants notified of outcomes: March 2025

All upcoming funding schemes

Each year, we run four core grant schemes across the spectrum of discovery, translational and clinical research, including fellowships to support early career researchers. An overview, including the upcoming dates for each round is given below.

To be notified when our next calls open, please contact the [email protected]

Early Career Advancement Fellowships

These clinical and non-clinical fellowships aim to support the most talented early career blood cancer researchers to help them make the next steps in their careers by supporting their transition to independence.

Maximum grant: £350,000

Duration: 3 years

Next call for applications opens: June 2024

Project Grants

Project Grants support world class research proposals that aim to address vital questions in the field of blood cancer in line with our strategic aims and the priorities of people affected by blood cancer.

Maximum grant: £300,000

Duration: 3 years

Next call for applications opens: October 2024

Innovative Pilot Grants

Innovative Pilot Grants support researchers with novel research ideas to develop the pilot data needed to secure further investment from our larger grant schemes, other medical research funders or from industry. This scheme allows us to fund innovative research ideas that could lead to the next big breakthroughs in blood cancer research.

Maximum grant: £30,000

Duration: 12 months

Next call for applications opens: October 2024

Transformational Research Awards

Transformational Research Awards support advanced pre-clinical translational research, clinical studies or trials to develop and test new treatments, diagnostics or other technologies, or for the establishment of the evidence required for the uptake of improved treatments or technologies into the NHS. Research funded through this scheme should aim to accelerate progress towards a transformational change in prevention, diagnosis, treatment, or care for people affected by blood cancer.

Maximum grant: £1,000,000

Duration: 5 years

Next call for applications opens: Spring 2025 (Expressions of Interest)