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Our work at a glance

We fund world-class research, ensure everyone affected has access to the right support at the right time, and campaign for better treatments.


We’re here to beat blood cancer.

We do this by funding research that take us closer to a cure. Right now, our community is funding 360 researchers across the UK who are searching for the next breakthrough. Our research has already helped transform treatments and taken us to the point where the day we will beat blood cancer is now in sight.

Our researchers are working to finish the job.

Two researchers side by side in a lab focusing on looking through microscopes at samples.

Information and support

As well as looking for a cure in the future, we help people right now. We’re there for people when they need someone to talk to, whether on the phone or online, and we offer health information people can trust, in a language they can understand.

Tanya, a support worker, taking a call on the helpline in a private booth.

Our projects and campaigns

We also campaign for change, helping make sure that people get the health care they deserve and that new treatments that come from research breakthroughs are available on the NHS.

Louise, blood cancer case study