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10km training plans and tips

If this is your first 10km run or you are always training for the next event, our training plans will help you reach your goal.

Designed to help you train in a smart way, you'll find top tips on how you should feel for each 'type' of run.

Our handy training plans are easy to follow, download and ready to refer to.

Beginner 10km (12 week) training plan

This 10km plan is designed for someone who is new to running and wants to finish a 10km in 12 weeks.

In this plan, you'll do two to three runs a week, with rest days to let your body recover. You'll also increase the volume with cross training sessions. This is to get you fitter without adding more impact.

This 12-week plan will take you to race day as safely as possible.

Intermediate 10km (12 week) training plan

If you are comfortable running for 1 hour and want to improve your 10km time, this is the plan for you.

You’ll have probably done several 10k races before and are looking to get faster. We use threshold intervals to really take your training to the next level.

Follow our intermediate 10km training plan for 12 weeks.

Advanced 10km (12 week) training plan

If you are an experienced 10km runner looking for a challenge, this plan is for you. We kick off with threshold intervals from week one and complete four runs a week, along with conditioning work and cross training.

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