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Half marathon training plans and tips

Training for a half marathon is a test of endurance, but we're here to support you all the way.

With our training plans, you'll train in a smart way with tips on how you should feel for each 'type' of run.

Our handy training plans are easy to follow, download and ready to refer to.

Beginner half marathon (16 week) training plan

If you’ve never run a half marathon before and are comfortable running for about 15 minutes, this plan is for you.

You'll slowly build the volume of the long runs up each week to have you half marathon ready. You'll have regular walk breaks in the plan to make this happen. You'll start to run at different intensities during the training.

This 16-week plan will take you to race day as safely as possible.

Intermediate half marathon (16 week) training plan

If you’ve run a 10km in a little over an hour, then this half marathon plan will be perfect. You'll build to two hours in your long run, running three times a week and complementing it with conditioning and cross training.

This plan will push your speed endurance with threshold intervals and have you running a fantastic half marathon in 16 weeks.

Advanced half marathon (16 week) training plan

If you’ve run half marathons before and want to improve your time, then follow this 16-week plan. You’ll be running 3 to 4 times a week and not only doing threshold intervals, but running at a higher intensity too.

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