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Marathon training plans and tips

Whether you're just starting out on your marathon adventure or a familiar face at the starting line, we have a training plan to suit you. Our plans are designed to help you train in a smart way with top tips on how you should feel for each 'type' of run.

Our handy training plans are easy to follow, download and ready to refer to.

Beginner 16 week training plan

Perfect for beginners, or those looking to up distances with a safe and steady pace. We use walk breaks in the long run to allow you to cover distance in a smart way.

Cross training allows you to build volume without additional impact on your legs.

This 16-week plan will take you to race day as safely as possible.

Intermediate (16 week) marathon training plan

If you've run a half marathon, or even a full marathon but now looking for a structured training plan, this is for you.

With some serious threshold intervals to get stuck into, you'll be well prepared.

Advanced 16 week training plan

If you're a seasoned marathon runner and ready to be challenged, this training plan is for you.

You’ll need at least two years of consistent running before following this demanding plan.

You'll train on a mixture of surfaces to really help develop as an athlete. With six days of training a week, you’ll want to make sure there’s space in your life to fit it all in.

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