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Best kit for running

Having the right kit and essentials for your event is crucial. Ben, fitness coach at Full Potential, gives the low down on investing in the best kit for your running.

Comfort goes a long way

The most important aspect of a new pair of running shoes is that they are comfortable. Running shoes should be the most comfortable pair of shoes you own.

Invest in a good pair of running shoes

You’re about to spend a lot of time on your feet so it’s worth investing time and money into your shoes.

Running shoes also have a lifespan. You should get at least 500 miles of running in a pair, but this can be shorter or longer depending on a number of factors. You don't want to be running in new shoes on race day. If you are unsure whether your current shoes will last, or you’d like new ones, get them ahead of time so you can test them out.

Good fit

Fit wise, you want them to be snug around your heel, so that they don’t slip. The middle of your foot should be held nicely in place, but not too tight.

You want about a thumb's width between the end of your biggest toe and the end of the shoe. You want this larger size because your foot will expand when you’re running. You don't want your toes bashing against the end of your shoes and getting black and bruised toenails.

Go to a running retail specialist and try on a few different brands and models to find a shoe that fits. Reading and hearing other people's reports and reviews on shoes is great. Remember what works for them might not work for you. We all have different foot shapes, arch heights and heel sizes. Some brands might be terrible for you; others may fit like a glove.

Carrying essentials

If you are using gels or energy on your runs, find something to carry them in. You might have shorts with a built-in pocket or you might be able to stuff them into your waistband. We recommend a neoprene sleeve you wear on your arm where you can put gels, keys, phone or even money.

You could invest in a hydration backpack. Handy for carrying water for your runs and space to store essentials.

  • A few good pairs of socks to wear
  • Gloves and hat to keep the extremities warm
  • A head-torch to allow you to run at night or early morning
  • Remember, you’ll receive a Blood Cancer UK top to run in on the day.

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