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Essential packing list for event day

This list is by no means exhaustive, but gives you a great starting point for your event day needs.

The most important thing is preparation. Don’t leave things until the last minute. Pack your bag the night before the event and give yourself plenty of time to get to the start line on event day.

Essential packing list

You'll be amazed how often this is forgotten. If you don't bring them with you on race day, you won't be allowed to compete. Sometimes this is posted out to you; sometimes you will need to go somewhere to collect it before event weekend.

Take something to keep you dry and warm before the race starts. A bin liner is great in wet weather. An old top to keep you warm is a good idea. A lot of races collect discarded clothing to give to charity. You might even want to take a magazine to read and a piece of cardboard to sit on whilst waiting around for the start.

Pack any gels or bars you plan on eating during the race.

After the race your feet will be desperate for something comfortable. Pack something for your journey home. Bring spare clothes and a small towel too if the forecast is for a wet race. Dry warm clothes will be feel fantastic. A bin liner to stash wet kit in is helpful.

Wet wipes are useful before the race, for example in the toilets. You can use them to wipe off sweat and mud after the run/cycle too.

After you've just finished the race, you might not feel immediately hungry. It’s important to replace calories with something more than alcohol. Pack a treat or two in your bag to feast on slowly after the race. You deserve it!

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