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Join our Involvement Network

As the UK’s leading blood cancer charity, we are an organisation driven by a set of values, aimed to beat blood cancer and support the blood cancer community.

We need your voice

Our values inspire and guide us to make decisions, and we are continually working to bring people affected by blood cancer to the centre of our work. Involving people with a lived experience is integral to ensuring our projects reflect our values and beliefs as an organisation. 

Hinna, who was diagnosed with blood cancer in 2015

What does joining the Involvement Network involve?

We will get in touch with opportunities to share your views and experience to help shape our work. These opportunities could relate to our current projects or could even extend to an external organisation who want to speak to people affected by blood cancer.

Whatever the opportunity may be, its aim will be rooted in improving the lives of people affected by blood cancer. There is absolutely no obligation to get involved, you can pass down or pick up anything that feels important to you. 

Examples of recent opportunities

  • Completing a survey on an upcoming piece of work 
  • Reviewing our patient information 
  • Attending a focus group about a project or piece of work i.e. Walk of Light campaign 

Your thoughts and experiences are invaluable to us. They help us improve our services and ensure we are doing work that represents the entire blood cancer community.

Being involved with Blood Cancer UK has played a massive part of finding myself again, as well as enabling me to create a lot of positives from my devastating diagnosis.

- Anna Mamwell, Ambassador