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Introduction to blood cancer course

An online course designed for new starters on a haematology ward, or healthcare professionals looking to improve their knowledge of basic haemato-oncology concepts to care for blood cancer patients.

I'm currently working in a busy ward and dealing with patients who have blood cancers, as well as those who need blood transfusions. Everything I've learned from this online course will help me be a better nurse.

- Participant feedback

Course overview

At the end of your training, you will:

  • gain a foundation knowledge of basic haemato-oncological principles
  • identify common complications and efficiently respond to emergencies
  • learn the importance of high quality holistic care and signposting.
  1. Understanding blood cancer
  2. Types of blood cancer
  3. Diagnostic tests
  4. Chemotherapy
  5. Stem cell transplants
  6. CAR-T therapy
  7. Managing other treatment modalities
  8. Managing common complications and haematological emergencies
  9. Managing blood transfusions
  10. Clinical trials
  11. Holistic care and support services

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Course can be used for

  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
  • Written Reflective Accounts for NMC revalidation.
CPD certified course

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The course is free to join and you can complete it at your pace at home or work.

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Nurse recommendations

The Blood Cancer UK online training course is extremely helpful in the training of new staff members for a basic introduction to haematology nursing. It saves time for the senior nurses in delivering face to face teaching sessions.

- Kirsty (Haematology Nurse Specialist)

As part of their induction to training I ask them to complete this eLearning package and print off the certificate for evidence. We specialise in haematological malignancies, and I think it's a great learning package.

- Elisabeth (Chemotherapy Nurse Educator)