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Clinical trials give a feeling of hope for those living with blood cancer

Rachel contacted the Clinical Trials Support Service to find out whether she could potentially take part in a clinical trial and contribute to blood cancer research.

7th Sep 2023

Rachel stands in a forest

Blood Cancer UK renews partnership with RareCan to accelerate research into rare cancers

Renewing the partnership will continue to grow RareCan’s patient community, offering more individuals living with a rare blood cancer diagnosis the opportunity to volunteer to take part in clinical research.

23rd Jun 2023

An older man wearing a white shirt and grey jumper is in consultation with his doctor. He is making eye contact and looks like he is asking a question.

Read Ed's story of being diagnosed with CLL

Ed shares his story of how our Clinical Trials Support Service helped support him through his diagnosis of CLL

16th May 2023


"I am incredibly happy to be alive and I am glad I took part [in the clinical trial]"

When Shibu was diagnosed with blood cancer in 2006, cord blood transplants were a 'new concept'. After struggling to find a bone marrow donor, Shibu was offered a place on a trial where he'd receive a cord blood transplant. Here's how it went.

29th Nov 2021

A man, wearing glasses, in a head shot.

Supporting people with blood cancer to make decisions around clinical trials

Millie, an Advanced Nurse Practitioner, tell us about her important role in helping people with blood cancer to make decisions around clinical trials. Here, she explains some of the barriers she faces, and how she overcomes them.

7th Oct 2021

A middle aged Black woman in glasses and a pink shirt.

I felt like I'd hit the jackpot: My experiences on a clinical trial

After three years on watch and wait following a blood cancer diagnosis, Nicky enrolled on a clinical trial. In March this year, recruitment for the trial closed. To mark the occasion, Nicky reflects on her positive experiences from the trial.

28th May 2021

“I feel lucky that I can benefit from years of blood cancer research”

Deciding on whether to enrol on a clinical trial can be a tough decision, as David knows all too well. Find out why he eventually said yes to taking part, what he's learned about the process, and how he's benefiting from the research it offers.

31st Mar 2021

Because my journey can help someone with theirs

It's been four and a half years since Jane achieved remission. Here, she reflects on the painful symptoms and "horrible" side effects of her blood cancer treatment, and explains that without taking part in a clinical trial, she wouldn't be here today.

1st Oct 2020

My only option was all that I needed

Johanna was told that she had only one treatment option available to her – to take part in our clinical trial. Thanks to this, Johanna was able to control her leukaemia and spend more valuable time with her family.

29th Sep 2020