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How a Yorkshire house led to five pioneering research projects

11th Apr 2024 - Dr Sammy Eden

Last year you raised an incredible £1.95m for Blood Cancer UK in the Omaze Millon Pound House Draw.

This has allowed us to launch our new Omaze X Blood Cancer UK research fund which is helping to support research into new and better treatments for blood cancer.

A group of people happy holding up the amount of money raised.

Omaze Millon Pound House Draw raised £1.95 million


Thanks to you, this has allowed us to fund six amazing new research projects.

Project 1: Giving people with EBV-positive cancers a better chance of survival

Headshot of professor Michelle West, in the lab smiling wearing a Blood Cancer UK lab coat.

Professor Michelle West


Professor Michelle West is researching a less harmful way to treat blood cancers caused by the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV).

Read more about about how this research project is helping to create a new, less to toxic drug treatment for people with blood cancer.

Project 2: A less harmful treatment for AML

Professor Georges Lacaud stood in the lab smiling

Professor Georges Lacaud


Professor Georges Lacaud is looking to understand more about a specific protein and how it could be used as a kinder treatment for acute myeloid leukaemia (AML).

Read more about this research project and how it is unlocking a treatment with fewer side effects than current treatment options.

Project 3: Treating a rare type of blood cancer

Dr Kiran Batta working in the lab smiling, wearing a white lab coat.

Dr Kiran Batta


Dr Kiran Batta, plans to investigate the role of a specific gene in a rare type of blood cancer called chronic myelomonocytic leukaemia (CMML), to help scientists to find a new way to treat the disease.

Read more about how this gene could help scientists to find new ways to treat CMML.

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Project 4: A new avenue for CAR-T Therapy

Dr Sara Ghorashian sat in the lab, wearing a red Blood Cancer UK lab coat.

Dr Sara Ghorashan


Dr Sara Ghorashian is using CAR-T therapy to develop a safer and more effective way to treat children with myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) who are at risk of their cancer developing into acute myeloid leukaemia (AML).

Read more about how this research could lead to a new and more effective treatment for children with MDS.

Project 5: A new drug treatment for mastocytosis

Professor Claus Nerlov with his PhD student, stood in the lab wearing white lab coats.

Professor Claus Nerlov (right) and his post-doc student Alexandre (left)


Professor Claus Nerlov is working towards developing a new drug that can effectively target and treat a blood disorder called mastocytosis.

Read more about how this research will help in the development of a new effective treatment for people with mastocytosis.

Project 6: Treating myeloma with immune system enhancing drugs

Dr Sarah Dimeloe stood in the lab smiling.

Dr Sarah Dimeloe


Dr Sarah Dimeloe is testing drugs used to treat other diseases to see if these can help the body’s immune cells to destroy cancerous myeloma cells.

Read more about how this research could allow drugs to be repurposed and used as a kinder way to treat myeloma.

Female researcher showing a man things in a lab.

Watch: Simon Thomas announces the Omaze x Blood Cancer UK fund

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