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Meet some of our incredible volunteers

7th Jun 2022

I'm Jo Buckton, Volunteer Co-ordinator at Blood Cancer UK, and today I want to tell you about some of the wonderful people who volunteer with our charity, and how you can get involved too!

Jo Buckton

Jo Buckton, Volunteer Co-Ordinator


I'm Blood Cancer UK's volunteer co-ordinator...

I feel extremely privileged to be part of this team, but I wasn't always in this role. I actually started in June 2021 as Support Services Officer, working closely with people affected by blood cancer, and as of February 2022 I'm now Volunteer Coordinator. I have a personal connection too as I was diagnosed with APML in 2007.

In my role as Volunteer Coordinator, I work alongside so many dedicated volunteers, each bringing individual experiences and skills to the team. I have met so many truly inspirational people, many of whom have a personal connection to blood cancer.

They've told me about some of the incredible things they have achieved both as a volunteer and on a personal level. Our volunteers have an extraordinary determination to help us achieve our mission; some volunteers have been involved within their local community for many years.

Meet Nicole, veteran volunteer!

Nicole has been supporting our charity for almost 35 years as chair of our Bromsgrove & District Branch, raising over £1million! She leads the group with passion, enthusiasm and experience, and is so well respected in the local area people can't help but support her and the group.​

Nicole volunteers

Nicole, chair of our Bromsgrove & District branch


Some volunteers have climbed the highest mountains, ran marathons, and jumped out of planes! For some, they have stepped out of their comfort zone and they have done media interviews, public speaking and written blogs. There are groups of volunteers that help in our offices and others that help to shape our work by attending meetings offering first-hand experience of blood cancer.

Meet Carole, who lends her time and experience

Carole has been a Patient Voice Grant Advisory Network Member ​since 2021. Carole got involved with Blood Cancer UK because she wanted to use her experience with blood cancer to help others, and here's what she has to say, in her own words:

"It has been amazing being part of a patient group involved in the research funding process , being able to read, review and provide patient insights on the funding applications from researchers across all types of blood cancer including lymphoma, leukaemia and myeloma; these dedicated scientists give us incredible hope for the future treatment, cure and prevention of blood cancer. If you are thinking of getting involved, go for it! You will get lots of support, appropriate training, learn a lot about yourself and have fun along the way. A great way to give back.”

Carole, Volunteer

Carole, Patient Voice Grant Advisory Network Member


Meet Vij, helping people online

Vij is one of our forum support volunteers and he dedicates his time to support others on our online community forum. Our Forum Support Volunteers have played a huge part in ensuring that our online community forum is safe, supportive and a welcoming space for people affected by blood cancer, at any stage or their, or their loved one’s diagnosis.

Vij, volunteer

Vij, forum support volunteer


These are just some of the incredible stories I have heard so far and I am looking forward to meeting more volunteers and hearing about everything they do.

Our volunteers are at the heart of what we do, and I am looking forward to supporting them in their roles and also developing new opportunities and welcoming more people to team.

Want to volunteer with Blood Cancer UK?

For more information on how you might volunteer your time, visit the volunteering section of our website.

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