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Researchers want to find out if a combination of drugs can help treat people with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) that has come back after treatment as well as in people where treatment has stopped working.

The context

Doctors know that ibrutinib can help people with CLL, by stopping the signals that cancer cells use to divide and grow. In this trial, researchers want to find out how well ibrutinib works when combined with another drug called venetoclax. Venetoclax acts on a protein called Bcl-2 which is thought to help CLL cells survive and multiply when they should do destroyed. Venetoclax works by blocking Bcl-2 and destroying CLL cells.

The project

In this study researchers are trying to find out if by combining ibrutinib and venetoclax it is possible to create a better and more effective treatment for people with CLL who have seen their disease return, or for people where treatment has stopped working.

The aims

  • Researchers want to see how well ibrutinib and venetoclax work together in treating people with CLL
  • Find out what side-effects people taking ibrutinib and venetoclax may experience