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Understanding how chemotherapy impacts quality of life in people with MDS

This project is aimed at improving the quality of life for people with MDS.

The challenge

Some people with myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) undergo chemotherapy treatment. Whilst this treatment can help bring their disease under control, it can also significantly impact their quality of life and can leave people symptoms such as tiredness, sickness, and pain, as well as having an impact on their mental wellbeing.

The project

Participants on two previous MDS clinical trials were asked to fill in details about their quality of life before, during and after chemotherapy. Each of these trials treated people with different levels of chemotherapy. In this project, Dr Krishnamurthy and her team will study the answers given by participants on these trials to understand how chemotherapy impacts quality of life.

The future

This project will help us understand more about how quality of life changes throughout treatment which will allow clinicians to better support people with MDS in the future.

What our community think

“Quality of life is really important to patients, so this study is really welcome. This area of research doesn’t get enough attention so this study would help raise its profile.”

- Patient Voice Grant Advisory Network Member, in remission from AML