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Blood cancer side effects

Side effects are the unwanted effects of blood cancer treatment. Some people experience these effects as a result of the cancer itself, even if they aren't having treatment.

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If you have blood cancer you might experience itchy skin. Itching can be a symptom of blood cancer itself, or it may be caused by the treatment you are having.

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Hair loss

Blood cancer treatment often causes hair loss as a side effect. It can be an upsetting side effect, but there's lots you can do to feel better about it.

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Fertility problems

Fertility problems can be a side effect of blood cancer treatment. There are things that can help, from preserving fertility before treatment, to emotional and practical support.

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Brain fog

Lots of people with blood cancer get brain fog as a side effect of treatment. There are things you can do to help.

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Peripheral neuropathy (nerve damage)

Peripheral neuropathy is a condition of the nerves. It can be painful, but there are lots of things that can help.

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Coping with changes to your body or appearance

Blood cancer treatment can change the way you look and feel about your body - your body image.

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Sleep problems

Struggling with sleep is a common side effect of having blood cancer or treatment but there are things you and your doctor can do to help.

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Side effects Q&A with a psychotherapist

Lots of people struggle with their emotions when having blood cancer treatment. We spoke to a psychotherapist about what can help.

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Infection risk and neutropenia

Because blood cancer affects the body’s immune system, people with blood cancer can be at greater risk of infection.

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Sickness and vomiting

Some blood cancers and treatments for blood cancer can make you feel sick (nausea) and, sometimes, cause you to be sick (vomit).

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Sore mouth or gut (mucositis)

Mucositis is a common side effect of some blood cancer treatments. It affects your gastrointestinal tract, which includes your mouth and gut.

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Living well

Practical tips and real stories to help you with everyday life

Living well with or after blood cancer