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Hosting your own virtual busking session

It’s a really tough time for people affected by blood cancer, whether you’re in self-isolation, shielding or socially distancing yourself from others. Why not brighten up your friends and family’s day (and who knows, maybe even the wider world’s!) by setting up a busking session on social media?

Here’s our top tips to get your started:

Choose a time when most people will be able to watch you! You never know, midday on a Tuesday might suddenly be the best time to host your event as people’s lives continue to change in such unprecedented ways.

We recommend hosting your busking session on Facebook or Instagram, where most of your friends and family will be able to watch without signing up to additional video conferencing software. There are plenty of other options available though, if you’d like your session to be less public - some of our favourites are Google Hangouts, Skype and Zoom but just use whatever works for you.

The easiest way for your friends and family to support your event is to set up a JustGiving page. You can set up a page and then hyperlink to it from wherever you host your busking session – you could even share the link each time you promote your session.

Make sure you get as many people watching your session as possible. Promote your session across all of our social media channels, sharing your JustGiving link each time too! We recommend giving yourself a couple of weeks to promote your first session.

Get right into the spirit by decking out the place you plan to host your session!

When the time comes, begin your session (sending final reminder out an hour or so before you go live) and show the world how you’re helping to beat blood cancer at such an important time. We recommend mentioning your donation page and what Blood Cancer UK does between your sessions to encourage your donations.

Why not send everyone who took part a personal email or record them a video of thanks and send it via Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or whatever social media platform you use?

Why not make busking for blood cancer a regular thing? By hosting a session at the same time each week or month, people will know when you’re planning to go live, and it will become a regular event for everyone to look forward to!