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Help your body recover after a marathon

Now you've completed your marathon and the event is over congratulations! But now what? Ben, fitness coach at Full Potential, gives advice on letting your body recover after finishing an event.

Let your body recover

Now that the event is over, give running a break. You can take up other forms of exercise if you like. Activities that get the blood flowing through the legs, but don’t add any impact onto sore joints will help that recovery process.

Ben, fitness coach at Full Potential training

There’s no feeling like crossing that finish line at an event. Whether it’s your first or fiftieth, it’s an amazing moment and one to savour. It’s an achievement that needs to be truly celebrated.

Once the euphoria of the day has started to fade away, you can get the post event blues. For over months your life has been focused around one day. Now that’s gone it can leave you feeling a little empty. That’s perfectly normal. Try to avoid rushing back into training to fill that void.

Recovery is key

We want to let the body recovery and that takes at least 10 days of no running, ideally for two weeks. That doesn’t mean you are sofa bound. Go for a swim, book a massage, take a long walk or get on a bike for a cycle ride.

There will be aches and pains after the race. Stairs can provide a unique challenge after the event (try going down them backwards). Don't worry, these will go away in time.

After the big day

Now you've finished all your training and completed the event, you may fill a little empty. Try to avoid rushing back into training to fill that void.

What to eat

Choosing foods with anti-inflammatory properties is a great way to help the healing process. Cherries have strong anti-inflammatory benefits. Ginger is also great and research shows this versatile spice has many health benefits, such as reducing inflammation.

Other great foods to include are tomatoes, olive oil, green leafy vegetables, nuts and oily fish.

It can be tempting to eat whatever you fancy after the race. We certainly encourage some indulgence and treats, but by eating well you are going to help that recovery from all those miles.

More free time

You have a lot more time now training is over. Make time to focus on your other hobbies which may have been neglected during your marathon training.

Or you might want to start thinking about setting your next fundraising challenge to raise money for Blood Cancer UK. Either way we hope you’re feeling really proud of yourself. We look forward to having you on the team again soon.

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