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Help shape our work

Involving people affected by blood cancer in our work ensures we represent our values as an organisation. Explore our projects, networks and events below to see what opportunities you'd be suited to, or if you're not sure about where you could add most value, sign up to our Involvement Network, and we'll take it from there.

Blood Cancer UK staff members cheering and smiling at an event, holding flags and banners.

Join Our Involvement Network

Sign up to help shape our work by using your lived experience of blood cancer to provide insight into our current work and projects. We'll match you to the right work.

A selection of Blood Cancer UK information booklets, in a range of colours

Co-create our health information

Reviewing our health information by speaking to those with a lived experience of blood cancer is an integral part of ensuring our information is as supportive and accurate as possible.

A healthcare professional and patient looking at each other. The patient is sitting in a chair having treatment administered.

Become a Clinical Trials Community Researcher

Are you from a Black or Pakistani background and have been affected by blood cancer? You could be our next Clinical Trials community researcher.

Nadine, wearing a yellow jumper and smiling

Co-design support services for Black and Asian people with blood cancer

Are you from a Black or Asian background and have you been diagnosed with blood cancer? Help us design new blood cancer support services for your community.

Tanya, a support worker, taking a call on the helpline in a private booth.

Help us improve access to support through referrals

If you are a healthcare professional, we want to work with you to test a referral service to improve access to emotional and practical support for those affected by blood cancer from the point of diagnosis.

A number of selfies from the Patient Voice Grant Advisory Network members.

Join our Patient Voice Grant Advisory Network

Our Patient Voice Grant Advisory Network are involved in reviewing all grant applications received by Blood Cancer UK from researchers for funding.

The Blood Cancer UK policy panel stood in front of two pull up banners

Join our Policy Panel

The Blood Cancer UK Policy Panel works closely with the Policy and Campaigns team to make sure our work to influence NHS and Government policy reflects their priorities and experiences.

Helen Rowntree smiling and holding a cup of coffee.

Have your say at our Community Q&A

Our Q&A events are an opportunity for anyone affected by blood cancer to ask our CEO and panel questions about our current work.