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Protect workers with blood cancer from coronavirus

People with blood cancer face risking their jobs or their lives.

Blood cancer increases your risk from the coronavirus by more than almost any other health condition.

Because of this, in areas with very high rates of the virus the government is telling them it’s so dangerous that they should stay away from shops, cafes and restaurants.

Yet at the same time, the Government is telling people with blood cancer who work in those same shops, cafes and restaurants that it’s fine for them to carry on working. That means some of the most vulnerable people in our society spending hours at a time in a busy place during a pandemic.

Let’s tell the Government this isn’t good enough.

Sign our petition for the Government to give financial support to people with blood cancer who can’t work from home and who live in an area with very high coronavirus rate.


Sign the petition

The Government is forcing people to choose between their health and finances. This isn't fair.

Sign the petition. Make your voice heard. Protect workers with blood cancer.

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