People with blood cancer deserve the same answers about whether the vaccines work as the rest of the population.

But the Government isn’t providing the funding to do it properly.

Your donation will mean that we can fund the research needed to find these answers so that those who are protected can get back to normal life and those who aren’t can be supported.

Because we need to know if the vaccines protect people with blood cancer

  • £10 is enough for a scientist to look at whether someone with blood cancer has produced antibodies in response to the vaccine which will help scientists understand whether they have protection from covid.
  • £20 will allow a scientist to store a blood sample from someone with blood cancer which they can then study at a later stage to understand how much protection someone gets from a covid vaccine.
  • £80 would mean a scientist can find out whether a person with blood cancer has produced T cells that are armed and ready to destroy covid.

Create your own virtual collection

Set up your a fundraiser on JustGiving and take part in a virtual collection to raise money for Covid vaccine research.

All donations to this campaign will initially be restricted to Vaccine Efficacy Research. Any donations exceeding the funding requirement for Vaccine Efficacy Research will be used to continue our work to beat Blood Cancer.