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Evusheld – does it work against Omicron?

6th Jun 2022

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Evusheld Covid antibody treatment - what you need to know

Find out more about the Covid antibody treatment Evusheld (formely AZD7442), which consists of two long-acting antibodies called tixagevumab and cilgavimab.

23rd Mar 2022

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Our response to Evusheld – a treatment to prevent Covid for the immunosuppressed

While we welcome the news of a new Covid treatment for immunosuppressed people – called Evusheld – we call for the Government to urgently set out its approach on how it will use preventative treatments for them.

17th Mar 2022

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Why are people with blood cancer invited for a 5th vaccine dose (second booster)?

People with blood cancer are now being offered a second covid vaccine booster (a 5th vaccine dose). Here's why.

16th Mar 2022

I've got leukaemia and caught Covid two weeks ago

Stephen Pollard, Editor at large for the Jewish Chronicle, lives with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia and has spent the last couple of years trying to avoid Covid. But two weeks ago, he tested positive. We asked him to write about his experience.

15th Mar 2022

Portrait photograph of Stephen Pollard

How our blood cancer and Covid survey has led to change

We’re writing this to update you on what our recent survey on blood cancer and Covid found, what has happened since, and the impact it made.

1st Mar 2022

Picture of Covid priority test

“Alarming” racial inequality in third vaccine doses for the immunocompromised

New data has shown that take-up of the third vaccine dose among white British people is almost double that of some ethnic minorities. Here's our response.

31st Jan 2022

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Latest Updates from the Vaccine Research Collaborative

Welcome to our live blog all about research looking at the effectiveness of the covid vaccines in people with blood cancer.

28th Jan 2022

Blood Cancer UK’s approach to in-person events

Our Chief Executive, Gemma Peters, explains our decision to hold in-person events again.

14th Jan 2022


Omicron variant and people with blood cancer

What can people with blood cancer and those around them do about the risk of Omicron?

17th Dec 2021

Why am I being invited for another Covid vaccine? - Third doses and boosters

Anyone who is immunocompromised, including anyone with blood cancer, is now eligible for a booster (fourth dose) of the Covid vaccine, to be given three months after their third primary dose. In this blog, we explain more.

30th Nov 2021

Antivirals and monoclonal antibodies – what’s the difference?

We’ve been hearing about new treatments that the UK have bought to tackle Covid. Some drugs have already been approved for use in the UK, some are yet to be – but the hope is that they will help those most at risk of severe Covid.

22nd Nov 2021

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What should you do if you have blood cancer and cannot get a third Covid vaccine dose?

With many people reporting issues with the rollout of third doses of the vaccine, we’ve set out what you can do right now to try to get your third dose if you have not already been invited for it.

30th Sep 2021

Booster vaccines: How we helped make the research happen

Beating blood cancer isn't just about spending money on research, but bringing the right people together at the right time. In this blog, we explain how we helped make booster vaccine research happen and how we see ourselves as a convener of research as well as a funder.

25th Aug 2021

Five reasons for people with blood cancer to be hopeful about the Covid pandemic

We know that many of you are worried about Covid, which is we why we want you to know that with more research into vaccine efficacy, and with better treatments on the horizon, there are reasons for you to be optimistic about the future.

29th Jul 2021

What do covid antibody test results mean for people with blood cancer?

Many of our community have had an antibody test following their covid vaccine to understand what kind of response they’ve had. In this blog, we talk more about what antibody test results mean, what the evidence suggests is important in developing a response to vaccination and what other factors are important to think about.

7th Jun 2021

Group of charities announce first blood cancer vaccine efficacy research funding

A new collaborative of charities focusing on research into COVID-19 vaccine efficacy for people with blood cancer has announced funding for research into how well they work in people with cancer that affects their immune system.

11th May 2021

What else can we use to protect people with blood cancer from covid?

We spoke to Professor Andrew Ustianowski, the clinical lead of a trial called PROVENT, to find out about alternative methods that might protect people with blood cancer from covid.

5th May 2021

How dangerous is Covid-19 for people with blood cancer?

New research has been published that sheds new light on how dangerous the coronavirus is to people with blood cancer.

5th Feb 2021

Professors Van-Tam and Vallance's comments show vaccine priority must change

Following comments by Jonathan Van-Tam and Patrick Vallance that vaccines are almost certain to prevent covid transmission, we're urging the Government to give adults living with people with blood cancer a higher vaccine priority

28th Jan 2021