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What do covid antibody test results mean for people with blood cancer?

Many of our community have had an antibody test following their covid vaccine to understand what kind of response they’ve had. In this blog, we talk more about what antibody test results mean, what the evidence suggests is important in developing a response to vaccination and what other factors are important to think about.

7th Jun 2021

Group of charities announce first blood cancer vaccine efficacy research funding

A new collaborative of charities focusing on research into COVID-19 vaccine efficacy for people with blood cancer has announced funding for research into how well they work in people with cancer that affects their immune system.

11th May 2021

What else can we use to protect people with blood cancer from covid?

We spoke to Professor Andrew Ustianowski, the clinical lead of a trial called PROVENT, to find out about alternative methods that might protect people with blood cancer from covid.

5th May 2021

How dangerous is Covid-19 for people with blood cancer?

New research has been published that sheds new light on how dangerous the coronavirus is to people with blood cancer.

5th Feb 2021

Professors Van-Tam and Vallance's comments show vaccine priority must change

Following comments by Jonathan Van-Tam and Patrick Vallance that vaccines are almost certain to prevent covid transmission, we're urging the Government to give adults living with people with blood cancer a higher vaccine priority

28th Jan 2021

Household members of people with blood cancer should be a priority for vaccines

We call on the government to make household members of people with blood cancer a priority for the coronavirus vaccine.

20th Jan 2021

Shielding at Christmas will be lonely... but I believe and hope in the future

Pat always hosts Christmas for the whole family. But with the vaccine in sight, she's made the decision to stay apart until the new year.

17th Dec 2020

From coronavirus to clinic: how did we get a vaccine?

We know a lot of people with blood cancer have questions on whether the coronavirus vaccine is safe after such a short amount of time. We hope to answer some of these questions by explaining how these vaccines have been developed.

11th Dec 2020

Giving back to the community

A year ago, Sunny was in a critical condition. With a positive frame of mind to help him recover, he's been using his new lease of and genuine appreciation of life to help vulnerable people in the community throughout the pandemic.

1st Dec 2020

Photo of Sunny standing by his car boot, giving a 'thumbs up', with lots of food shopping in bags visible in his car boot behind him, ready to be delivered around the community.

The coronavirus vaccine: what you need to know

We explain what we know about the potential vaccines and what they could mean for people with blood cancer.

25th Nov 2020

A list of employers paying fully salary to vulnerable staff who can’t work from home during lockdown

About 1 million working age people in England are “clinically extremely vulnerable” to the coronavirus.

11th Nov 2020

How does the coronavirus affect people with blood cancer?

We're funding vital research that will explore how different types of blood cancer might affect someone’s individual level of risk from coronavirus. This could lead to tailored advice for people with blood cancer during this pandemic.

11th Nov 2020

Our response to the latest shielding guidance in England

The Government announced that England will enter a second lockdown from 5 November, and have advised clinically extremely vulnerable people not to go out to work if they can't work from home. Here is our response.

4th Nov 2020

The pool of uncertainty

Angie explains her mounting worries and anxieties about the impact of coronavirus. Like many people with blood cancer, she feels forced to neglect her health to earn money, and return to a workplace where she doesn't feel safe.

29th Oct 2020

What does the three-tier system mean for people shielding in England?

We outline what the current Government advice and recommendations are for people with blood cancer in each alert level under the new three-tier system.

15th Oct 2020

We call for the Government to urgently revise new shielding guidance

Following the Government's announcement on shielding, our Chief Executive Gemma Peters is calling on the Government to urgently revise the new shielding guidance and give people with blood cancer financial and mental health support.

13th Oct 2020

The Government should give financial support and clear guidance to people with blood cancer

Following this morning’s press conference from Sir Patrick Vallance and Chris Whitty on the rising coronavirus rate, we are calling for the Government to give urgent financial support for workers with blood cancer and to give clear guidance to everyone living with the condition.

21st Sep 2020

Does having blood cancer put you at greater risk from the coronavirus?

This week the Lancet Oncology published the largest study into coronavirus and cancer. It looked at whether some types of cancer put people at higher risk from the coronavirus than others.

24th Aug 2020

How could a coronavirus vaccine help people with blood cancer?

How much hope should people with blood cancer pin on a coronavirus vaccine?

13th Jul 2020

We're calling on the government to #SaveOurShielders

We're urging the Government to give financial support to people with blood cancer who can't work from home and whose workplace cannot be made Covid-safe.

8th Jul 2020