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From despair to hope: The Matthew Wilson Multiple Myeloma Fund

Matthew Wilson establishes the Matthew Wilson Multiple Myeloma Fund (MWMMF) at Blood Cancer UK.

26th Jan 2024

Matthew Wilson, a member of the Board, smiling against a plan white background.

What we can achieve with £1 million

We're proud to announce We’ve invested over £1 million funding five research projects, across five different blood cancers

4th Oct 2023

A collage of images of our 5 new researchers working in the lab

Booster vaccines: How we helped make the research happen

Beating blood cancer isn't just about spending money on research, but bringing the right people together at the right time. In this blog, we explain how we helped make booster vaccine research happen and how we see ourselves as a convener of research as well as a funder.

25th Aug 2021

Can a blood test detect cancer?

You might have recently seen news suggesting that a blood test could accurately identify cancer months before a person starts to get any symptoms. Here's what we know about the test and what it might mean for people with blood cancer.

10th Aug 2021

Five reasons for people with blood cancer to be hopeful about the Covid pandemic

We know that many of you are worried about Covid, which is we why we want you to know that with more research into vaccine efficacy, and with better treatments on the horizon, there are reasons for you to be optimistic about the future.

29th Jul 2021

A picture of the covid-19 vaccine

Do people with myeloma have an antibody response to the Covid vaccine?

20th Apr 2021

How can I get involved in blood cancer research?

In November 2020, we asked our community to complete our survey and help us set our research priorities for the next five years.

24th Mar 2021

Covid vaccine: should people with blood cancer get an antibody test?

Here's what we think people with blood cancer should know about antibody tests, such as how they work and what the results might mean for you.

5th Mar 2021

From coronavirus to clinic: how did we get a vaccine?

We know a lot of people with blood cancer have questions on whether the coronavirus vaccine is safe after such a short amount of time. We hope to answer some of these questions by explaining how these vaccines have been developed.

11th Dec 2020

The coronavirus vaccine: what you need to know

We explain what we know about the potential vaccines and what they could mean for people with blood cancer.

25th Nov 2020

How does the coronavirus affect people with blood cancer?

We're funding vital research that will explore how different types of blood cancer might affect someone’s individual level of risk from coronavirus. This could lead to tailored advice for people with blood cancer during this pandemic.

11th Nov 2020

New research hope for those with a rare type of leukaemia

Our research fellow, Dr Marc Mansour and his team, have come to understand more about why some types of T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (T-ALL) stop responding to chemotherapy, and how we might overcome it in the future.

11th Jun 2020

What causes leukaemia and how can we use this information to better treat it?

2nd Feb 2020

How does the immune system recognise and destroy Hodgkin lymphoma?

In Hodgkin lymphoma, the cells which are the root cause of the cancer are hidden within a much larger number of white blood cells. These white blood cells are usually very good at killing cancer cells, but may be unable to kill all of the Hodgkin lymphoma cells. Bloodwise Visiting Fellow Dr Zumla Cader has been investigating why...

2nd Feb 2020

Beating blood cancer: how decades of research makes us excited about the future

Last week Professor Pamela Kearns, one of the UK’s leading blood cancer researchers, gave a talk at St James’s Palace about the progress we’ve made in blood cancer research, and why we believe blood cancer can be beaten in the next few decades.

2nd Feb 2020

How did a weapon of war become a blood cancer treatment?

As we pay tribute to the soldiers of World War I, we look at the surprising link between the battlefields of France and blood cancer research.

2nd Feb 2020

By the end of the programme, I didn’t feel despair. I felt hope.

War in the Blood, a new BBC documentary follows two people who received CAR-T therapy, a groundbreaking new treatment for blood cancer, as part of a clinical trial. Kate, our Senior Support Services Manager, reviews the documentary

8th Jul 2019

How to cope with stress: tips from Bloodwise researchers

​For Mental Health Awareness Week, two Bloodwise-funded researchers share things they do to try to maintain mental wellbeing in a stressful environment.

13th May 2019

How a virus can lead to lymphoma

Some types of lymphoma are associated with high levels of a small piece of genetic material called microRNA-155. Professor Michelle West has been investigating how a virus that causes lymphoma increases the production of this cancer-driving microRNA.

17th Jan 2019

Bloodwise research highlights 2018

It’s been a great year in blood cancer research, from CAR-T therapy to a new understanding of how leukaemia develops in children. We take a look back at some of the breakthroughs our supporters have helped to fund in 2018.

21st Dec 2018