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Stay updated with our organisational strategy

17th Mar 2022

We'll be giving you regular updates on how our organisational strategy is going, including where we've got up to and how. We'll also tell you how we've involved our community, the choices we've made and the discussions we've been having.

Now that we’ve started working on our new organisational strategy, we'll be writing a series of blogs on how we're developing our strategy. We will be summarising these blogs on this page.

Developing our vison statement

What do we mean when we talk about beating blood cancer?

Thursday 17th March 2022

The first thing we looked at is our vision of the world we’re trying to work towards. It’s important we get this right, as the rest of the strategy will follow on from this.

For many years, we’ve talked about beating blood cancer, but we think it is now important to define exactly what we mean by this. Is “beating blood cancer” about creating a world where no one gets it? Or where people still get it but there’s a cure? Or where people still live with it, perhaps experiencing side-effects, but they don’t die of it? And does improving people’s mental health and making end-of-life care better also count towards “beating” it?

In deciding what our vision should be, we asked our community, Involvement Group, and staff to tell us what they think of when they hear "beating blood cancer". We asked for feedback though various surveys and their responses helped us to develop a clear, initial draft of a vision statement. This vision will both help us make decisions and be something that our community feels inspired by.

You can read our initial draft of our vision statement, what our survey responses told us, and what we're looking at next in our recent blog.

Defining and developing our audiences

Who should we be talking to?

Friday 1st April 2022

Another part of our strategy development work was to look at our current and potential audiences. We aimed to answer these questions:

  • Where are we most likely to find committed supporters like the amazing people who already raise funds, make donations and give up their time to help others with blood cancer?
  • Where can we have the most impact on people’s lives with the support we provide?

We identified a range of different audience groups and pulled together all the insights we have about their behaviour and attitudes. We used these insights to determine where we might find more people to talk to: more people who will benefit from our services and information, and more people who will offer time or funds so that together, we can beat blood cancer. We then devised a system to help us decide who to reach out to in future, because reaching the right people will help us maximise the impact of our work.

Read our blog about this audience development work.

Our mission priorities: answering 4 key questions

We identified five priorities for Blood Cancer UK for the next five years.

Tuesday 26th May 2022

During the most recent part of our strategy development work we wanted to make some choices about what we do and what we don’t do. We set out to answer four questions:

  1. What are the most important priorities to focus on that will get us towards our vision as soon as possible?
  2. How do we prioritise and make choices? Now, and in the future?
  3. What should we not do?
  4. How do we make sure that we support and grow our community?

To answer these questions, we put together a team made up of two people affected by blood cancer and others with experience from across Blood Cancer UK.

We reviewed other organisations’ mission statements and activities in blood cancer research and care, to better understand where there is duplication and the specific role that Blood Cancer UK can play. From this, we identified areas we did not think would take us closer to our vision.

Then we set out a process to help us prioritise and make decisions about what was most important for Blood Cancer UK to focus on.

Read our blog about how we identified priorities for the next five years.

Want to help us shape our strategy?

If you’d like to be part of our Involvement Group that regularly checks and helps our work to develop our strategy, please email our Strategy Team.

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