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This is Blood Cancer

27th May 2022

“This is Blood Cancer” is a programme produced by Blood Cancer UK and ITN Productions. It aims to shine a light on the disease and explore how together, we’re going to improve the lives of all people affected by blood cancer.

Saturday 28 May is World Blood Cancer Day and we’re delighted to be able to share this new, hour-long documentary including films from Blood Cancer UK and other partners.

Our CEO Gemma Peters was interviewed by Blood Cancer UK President, Simon Thomas as part of the film. In this clip they discuss what blood cancer is, what the biggest challenges are surrounding the disease and what Blood Cancer UK are doing to improve the lives of people affected by the disease.

Clinical trials can be very important for people with blood cancer, which is why Blood Cancer UK have set up the first of its kind clinical trials support service. In this clip, we hear from Jane and Sarah, two people with very different experiences of clinical trials, to shine a light on how important trials are.

Over the last 60 years, the money that supporters of Blood Cancer UK have raised have allowed them to fund £500 million worth of research. In this clip we highlight this incredible research and hear from Kavee, a man whose life has been transformed thanks to this. We also hear from Professor Waseem Qasim, Great Ormond Street Hospital and Professor Chris Bunce, University of Birmingham, on how research is going to beat blood cancer.

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Anthony Nolan match selfless stem cell donors with people in need of a stem cell transplant. In this piece, find out how their support helps patients at every stage of the transplant process.

In this piece, Medical Technology company BD show how they are investing in research and innovations that aim to help blood cancer patients at every stage of their journey.

In this video, Takeda show how they work with the life science community to address access challenges to combination treatments, which can deliver significant benefits for blood cancer patients.

This piece shows HCA Healthcare’s brand new facility at UCH and describes their specialist multi-disciplinary approach to providing patient-centred care.