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How our Clinical Trials Support Service can help you

Finding a suitable clinical trial and understanding the complex information to enrol can be overwhelming.

Jane, Rachel and Lynne are registered nurses experienced in blood cancers and clinical trials.

They are here to support you and help you navigate through the entire clinical trial process.

How can they help?

  • By providing personalised support around understanding if participating in a clinical trial could be right for you
  • By helping you understand the clinical trials process, what could be involved, and answer any questions that you have
  • Where possible, providing you with a list of clinical trials based on your blood cancer diagnosis, general wellbeing, past medical history and past treatment (if any), that you can then share with your treating team
  • Be available to support you throughout your clinical trial journey
  • By being there if a clinical trial is not needed now, but may be needed in the future

Please note, that all treatment decisions are made by your treating team, which consists of a consultant and other healthcare professionals. We do not have the authority to make treatment decisions.

an infographic explaining the clinical trials process

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Get personalised support to understand which clinical trials are available - whether you're a patient, carer or healthcare professional.

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