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Plans for 2020/21

The coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on our work, changing the needs of people affected by blood cancer and how we operate.

But we are clear about the things we want to achieve in 2020/21:

Continue to fund new research

The impact of the coronavirus on our income means we will not be able to fund as much research as we planned. But funding research remains at the core of everything we do.

Publish a research strategy

Having less to spend on research means it is even more important that we spend our money wisely. The research strategy we plan to publish in early 2021 will set out how we can use our funds to have the maximum possible impact in the fight to beat blood cancer.

Increase the reach of our information and support

With the coronavirus having a particularly severe effect on our community, people affected by blood cancer need our information and support now more than ever before. We plan to increase the number of people using our information and accessing our support services. This includes investing in a new nurse-led service supporting people to better understand and access clinical trials across the UK.

Being the voice of people affected by blood cancer to government

People with blood cancer are at high risk of becoming seriously ill from the coronavirus, and they have had to endure mental health challenges as a result of shielding. With government advice changing quickly, we will act as the voice of people affected by blood cancer, ensuring they are considered by the Government and the NHS in the coronavirus response.

Adapting our fundraising strategy

Given the cancelling of fundraising events and the wider economic impact, it may take us three years to return our income to last year’s levels. We need to change our fundraising programme to ensure we emerge from the pandemic able to increase our research spending as quickly as possible. This will include having less focus on sports fundraising over the next year, and greater focus on individual giving.

Becoming more diverse and inclusive

We want to best meet the needs of everyone affected by blood cancer, and so we need to be diverse. This is particularly important because some types of blood cancer, such as myeloma, are more common in BAME communities. This will be a big focus for us in 2020/21, and we will do more to make sure our work is informed by the views of all parts of the blood cancer community. As well as increasing the diversity of our Board of Trustees, we will be looking at how we fund research and partner with other organisations in a way that recognises the diversity of our community.