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Clinical Trials Support Service

Finding a clinical trial and understanding the complex information to enrol can be overwhelming but we're here to support you and help you navigate through the entire process - whether you're a patient, carer or healthcare professional.

Speak to our Clinical Trials Support Service

Our experts in clinical trials and blood cancers provide personalised support around understanding which clinical trials are available - whether you're a patient, carer or healthcare professional.

What is a clinical trial?

All new drugs and treatments are thoroughly tested before they’re made available to patients. Following tests in a laboratory, they’re tested on people. Research studies involving testing new drugs and treatments on people are called clinical trials.

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Supporting your patients with clinical trials

We offer enhanced support for your patients who are considering enrolment on a clinical trial and for the duration of their clinical trials journey.

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If you've got questions, concerns or stories about Clinical Trials that you want to share then our forum is a space to have conversations with people who may have experienced something similar.

Hear from experts and people with blood cancer about trials

Hear from people living with blood cancer on how they benefited from clinical trials, and their different experiences.

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Discover clinical trials for rare types of blood cancer

RareCan and Blood Cancer UK have partnered to accelerate research into rare cancers. Find out about clinical trial opportunities and how to register.

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