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Volunteer with us

Help raise funds and awareness in your local community to help beat blood cancer.

Join a Community Group

Our Community Group network brings together volunteers who are passionate about beating blood cancer to raise funds and increase awareness across their local communities.  

By joining or establishing a Community Group, you can become part of a growing network across the country that is raising money and helping more people understand blood cancer and the amazing progress that is being made every day by Blood Cancer UK’s funding and work in research, treatment and care.

Community Groups will support patients, survivors and their families and raise funds for Blood Cancer UK by organising collections, fundraising activities and events whilst also receiving donations on our behalf. Community Groups are a central part of our organisation and make a real impact by engaging people at a local level.

Find a local community group

Your local Community Group supports Blood Cancer UK by raising awareness and funds. Join this dedicated team as a Group Lead, Secretary or Member and help organise collections, fundraising activities and fundraising events. 

You can read the role descriptions below, or just get in touch to find out more about becoming part of our Community Group network

If you would like to speak to someone about volunteering at Blood Cancer UK please get in touch on [email protected].