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Living well with myeloma

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It’s hard to hear you have a blood cancer that is treatable but is likely to come back. But people say living with myeloma is “doable” and they can continue to enjoy life.

You may find it helpful to read our online information about living well with blood cancer. This includes tips and personal stories from people who share what they have learned about:

  • Mind and emotions – taking care of your emotional health and where to go for support
  • Fatigue – managing this common symptom of blood cancer
  • Keeping active – the benefits of gentle exercise for people with blood cancer
  • Eating well – eating healthily, safely and enjoying what you eat
  • Money and work – your rights at work and financial support you may be entitled to.

"I've not really stopped doing anything. In fact, I probably do more. I’ve started paddleboarding, and we bought a motorhome. We always said we would but myeloma brought things forward."

Craig, living with myeloma since 2020

Read how Craig and others are making the most of life after a myeloma diagnosis.

Craig, who is living with myeloma, standing in front of his motor home

Where you can get support

To connect with other people affected by blood cancer, join our online community forum.

To talk to someone about any aspect of your life with myeloma, contact our Support Service.

You may also find useful information and support on our social channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

You can search for a cancer support group in your area, or look for support groups online or on Facebook.

"The Blood Cancer UK forum has been a blessing. I wanted to say hello, this is me, and start putting the word cancer down on paper and owning it. It’s been therapeutic."

Linda, living with myeloma since 2021

Join our online community forum and connect with other people living with blood cancer.

Linda, who is living with myeloma
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