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The Blood Cancer UK Vaccine Task Force

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This information is intended for the research community. If you're a patient and want to know more about vaccines, please visit this page.

To find out more about taking part in research, please contact our Clinical Trials Support Service.

We will share outcomes from these studies as and when we hear results.

If you are studying COVID vaccine effectiveness in people with blood cancer, please e-mail Rachel, our Research Communications Manager.

Vaccine Effectiveness

The aim of this task force is to identify and address potential gaps in Covid-19 vaccine research for patients with blood cancer.

We will work to ensure there is sharing of data across research studies, address potential funding requirements, influence policy and clinical practice and engage and communicate with the blood cancer community.

Members of the group are either actively engaged in current research studies or leading researchers for a specific blood cancer


Professor Paul Moss from the University of Birmingham has funds from the National Core Studies to study vaccine effectiveness in a number of vulnerable groups, including those with cancer.

Professor Pam Kearns is leading the cancer arm of this study, and Professor Gordon Cook from Leeds will focus specifically on blood cancer. At this stage, the team are planning on doing their analysis in patients with CLL and myeloma. The team are hoping to get some samples from people who haven't yet had their vaccine, and will study antibody and T cell response.

Vaccine effectiveness in CLL

Professor Paul Moss and Dr Helen Parry, from the University of Birmingham, are carrying out a retrospective study looking at vaccine responses in people with CLL. They are age-matching this data with healthy individuals. This study is currently underway and they are accepting patients from across the UK.

Individuals happy to consent to the study will either have blood samples taken by a trained phlebotomist visiting them at home or a self-administered dried blood spot assay that can be posted back to the study team.

Those interested in signing up should e-mail: [email protected]

Vaccine effectiveness in lymphoma

Professor Sean Lim from the University of Southampton is carrying out a study called PROSECO, looking at vaccine effectiveness in people with lymphoma (non-Hodgkin and Hodgkin). They plan to collect samples from 680 patients and will recruit patients from Southampton, Liverpool, Newcastle and Nottingham's NHS trusts.

Professor Emma Morris from UCL will also look at vaccine effectiveness, specifically in people with B-cell malignancies or those who are on treatments which deplete their B-Cells. Her study is called COVATCH.

Professor Andy Pettitt is looking specifically at antibody response in people with follicular lymphoma who are on an existing clinical trial called PETReA.

Vaccine effectiveness in myeloma

Dr Karthik Ramasamy is carrying out a project called PREPARE which will look at vaccine effectiveness in people with myeloma. It is recruiting patients from an existing platform called RUDY. The RUDY platform is a platform that collects data from people with rare diseases, including those with myeloma. It has already recruited over 500 people with myeloma and will approach these individuals to take part in the vaccine effectiveness study.

You can find out more here

Professor Kwee Yong from UCL is also running a study looking at antibody response to vaccines in people with myeloma. Together with Dr Jenny O'Nions, they hope to look at around 200 people with myeloma, types of leukaemia and MDS.

Vaccine effectiveness in MDS

Dr Elspeth Payne from UCL is carrying out a small study looking at effectiveness in people with MDS. They are doing basic studies on people coming to them for vaccination. A more detailed study is planned by Dr Kavita Raj from Guys.

Some people with MDS will also be captured in the antibody study that Dr Jenny O'Nions is running (mentioned above)

The SOAP study

The SOAP study, is a study across all cancers. It was initially set-up to compare immune responses to COVID-19 in people with and without cancer. Under this study, the team will collect samples from people with blood cancer and study vaccine effectiveness. They are particularly interested in the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine at this stage.

This is being run by King's College London. Dr Piers Patten can be contacted for more information. They are assessing serology responses, T cell responses and also collecting demographic, diagnosis and treatment histories along with clinical features at the time of vaccination.

Vaccine effectiveness in AML

Professor Simon Stanworth is collecting effectiveness data in around 200 people with AML. He will look specifically at antibody response.

Underrepresented areas

There look to be some gaps in studies looking at AML, CML and MPN, with current studies unlikely to provide conclusive data. We also need to capture data on people with T-ALL who aren't at the moment captured within existing studies.

Summary of Projects

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Summary of studies known about


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