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How to plan your event

Things to consider when you’re organising your own fundraising event.

The idea

Work out what you want to do – keep it simple. Contact us if you’d like to discuss your plans or need any advice. Know why you want to organise a particular event – what do you hope to achieve in terms of funds, publicity, entertainment etc.? Look at what others are doing around you – can you perhaps link it in with these events?


Find the venue and set the time and date. Work out the cost – do you have enough helpers? How much will it raise? Talk to other people who’ve organised similar events and learn from their experience!

Don’t forget, we’re here to help! Find your local fundraising team and fire away with any questions you may have.


Try to cut costs! Organise a raffle or auction with prizes sourced for free (check the Gambling Commission website for the regulations on raffles and lotteries). Sell food and drink donated by local companies. Try to get programmes printed for free and sell them. Charge an entry fee if need be. Most of all, know how much you hope to raise, and assure yourself that the cost and risk of running the event is reasonable in relation to what you’ll raise.


Do you have permission to hold the event? Do you need marshals or stewards? Do you need to inform the police or local authorities? Will you need first aid cover? Do you require Public Liability Insurance? All of these questions are vital considerations when organising an event – we don’t want you getting into any sticky situations!

The venue and local councils should be able to answer these questions for you, but if not, do get in touch with us.


Reward yourself for your efforts by maximising publicity for the event. Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are a great platform to advertise your event, and all for free! Attract the interest of your local media – contact your local radio station, TV and regional papers.

Take lots of photos on the day or night, and once the event’s done you can shout about your success on social media.


Start the ball rolling as early as you can. For larger events like balls and concerts, you may want to form a committee, give each person a different responsibility and meet regularly.

Most importantly… enjoy yourself!

Find your local fundraising team

Don’t forget, we’re here to help! Find your local fundraising team and fire away with any questions you may have.

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